Rp: the death game {chat: submissions sorta open}


Name: Shane Dawson
Appearance (optional):

Gender: Male
Age: 20
Personality: he’s annoyingly persistent in most endeavors whether it’s flirting or getting something done. He’s more nonchalant about things but he can also be very defensive (mostly about himself) and can get angry when he needs to, especially when it comes down to his stubborn pride.

Name: Iris Bohn
Appearance (optional):

Gender: female
Age: 19
Personality: she’s described as a bit deranged and crazy…she’s a minx and a flirt, but most of the time it’swhen shes trying to manipulate someone. Things go her way, and if it doesn’t she makes it hell for the person who didnt let it.

Name: Dean Stark
Appearance (optional):

Gender: male
Age: 23
Personality: he’s more pragmatic when it comes to thinking. He’s cunning, witty, and gets things done. He’s not afraid to use brute force if he needs to, and can often turn to violence.


Okay everyone! I’m going to create the thread and the RP starts TOMORROW (on Friday). I’m going to play a (non biased) prisoner as well and maybe a guard to keep the story going (if it gets slow). BE READY!

1.) @ThatRandomPerson
2.) @RavenDawson
3.) @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
4.) @livvy613
5.) @ChayChay
6.) @dqrkskin
7.) @jdepisode
8.) @jdepisode
9.) @jdepisode
10.) @eden.episode

1.) @Drama_Queer
2.) @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
3.) @ThatRandomPerson
4.) @ChayChay
5.) @epsd.ama

Ps: Please don’t comment on the thread if you see it… I’m just setting it up and will link it when it’s ready


Name: Maci Lockwood
Appearance (optional): ie, include pictures or description… A uniform will be provided

Gender: female
Age: 25
History/Any notable events: has dealt with raids and all story’s of things.
Personality: she is fierce, she has a heart of gold but is a hardass. She doesn’t take anything from anyone. She is good at katate.

Name: Keano Ravenswood
Appearance (optional):

Gender: male
Age: 23
Personality: Keano has been in trouble his whole life. He can’t stay out the system. He is smart, and manipulative. He doesn’t care what anyone things of him and doesn’t trust easily. He was in a incident and lost his leg.


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Okay so the post is glitching but it should be this:

@dqrkskin {hasn’t responded}
@jdepisode {Iris Bohn}

Cell #2:
@eden.episode {Taylor Walker}
@ThatRandomPerson {Browyn Zatara}

Cell #3:
@CrazygirldY_dY_dY {Ryleigh Harden}
@ChayChay {Keano Ravenswood}

Cell #4:
@jdepisode {Dean Stark}
@livvy613 {Oasis Kala}

Cell #5:
@jdepisode {Shane Dawson}
@RavenDawson {Nico Grace}