Rp: the death game {chat: submissions sorta open}


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Well if that person doesn’t answer I can make another prisoner


Do whatever you want because @dqrkskin hasn’t filled out the form so I guess you can be another character if you want! OKAY GOOD BYE FOR REAL THIS TIME


Guy or girl?


ill make my character real quick my notifs have been glitching sorry!


Name : Alicia Woodfood
Appearance: http://www.cndajin.com/data/wls/123/11582021.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Personality: Alicia is cruel and ruthless but she has been mute ever since she was caught and arrested. She can be very closeminded and rude but its only the way she knows how to voice out her opinions.


Ok been super busy. Can anyone catch me up on what’s been going on in the rp as well as what is necessary for me to know?? Just so I can get replies in


So basically everyone woke up in cells with amulets around their necks. Everyone is confused and trying to figure out what’s going on. There’s a person named “cyclops” who is the capture and is apperently crazy. The guards don’t know that much but are ordered to bring the prisoners to “rec” which is free time to interact with other prisoners. So that’s happening right now


Thank u! Just gotta finish up work and I’ll get on to it :slight_smile:


Hey guys is there a time when most of you can be active? For the first trial I want as many people as possible to be there


I’ve been extremely busy and things have been chaotic. I may have to drop out of the rp :confused:


NOOOOoooo don’t leave us!!!


If it makes it easier maybe you can switch one of your prisoners to a guard and then remove another prisoner so you only have one and one. That may make it more manageable.


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4.) @livvy613
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2.) @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
3.) @ThatRandomPerson
4.) @ChayChay


Also @epsd.ama do you want a role? We can catch you up if your interested!


Sorry no


Okay :smiley:


Do you want to kill off some of your characters? All of them? Switch roles? Whatever u want :grin:


I’ll switch Dean go a guard. I guess ill keep Echo and Iris. They’re in the rec center or whatever right

And do I need to know anything for the guard role


Not much. Just that they are currently talking in the rec room… if u want just join in the conversation


Also does anyone WANT to leave the RP. Or just one of their characters because if then I can kill them off (lol that sounds wrong). I don’t wanna kill people who are enjoying it too early sooo…