Rp: the death game {chat: submissions sorta open}


Okay guys i’m starting the first trial soon so get ready!

Edit: The thread is now up to date so Keano isn’t in two cells at the same time xD Also the cell rule about not being able to hear people from two far away doesn’t apply. Now you can hear anyone from any cell. If you want to make things more realistic then you can have your character say something like “What?!?” or “Can you repeat?”. ALSO if you want to make any changes to your character pm me. OR if you want to have a special role or connection also pm me.

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OK GUYS I GOT AN IDEA (credit to @ThatRandomPerson)






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For the first trial (it already started but we’re not that far into it if you wanna join in). It’s just an obstacle course lol. Nothing special


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hey eden, i’m on from about 4:30 australian/nsw time to probably around 8:30. i’m considering leaving the rp because nobody posts while i’m awake then i miss out on a bunch of stuff. :confused:
what should i do? like, i’m enjoying it and don’t want to leave but i just feel kinda left out.


Hey! So if you want i can try to make significant events go on for longer so when youre up you can post then right when we wake up we can reply. i know it will be kind of slow but that way you can stay in the rp. also im up pretty early (like right now its 7 am) so i can respond to you :relaxed: The first trial just started so if you want to join in you won’t be behind or anything. If it gets too hard just tell me.


thanks so much :heart: i’ll try my best


Hey everyone I just wanted to make an announcement that there will be a few more spots open since a lot of people who signed up don’t participate. If your active (or attempt to be) then of course you character is still in. Pm me for more details if you want to join the RP, add another character, or as always kill one off. Both guards and prisoner positions are open so contact me for more details


Name: Akemi San Sung
Appearance (optional): http://s11.favim.com/610/160207/asian-girl-cute-girl-joy-korean-idol-Favim.com-3969886.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: 22
History/Any notable events: Barely speaks ever since her mother was murdered by an alleyway gang.
Personality: Quiet and mysterious, Akemi always was a quiet and shy girl. But she took that to the next level when her mother was stabbed and murdered by a gang. Ever since, Akemi barely spoke. She trained herself in fighting and hates sexism. But deep down, she is still the sweet young girl her parents knew, even though on the outside she pretended to pour in a bit too much sour.

So sorry I’m late!


Okay I’ll write you into the plot. Basically right now the prisoners and guards are at rec which is basically monitored free time. They already had their first trial where a boy was killed and now the prisoners are trying to escape by manipulating the guards. The guards work for a man named Cyclops who is basically this super creepy mad man. You can read through the thread a bit if youre still confused. :grin:


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Hey… nobody wants a relationship with my characters… :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: what happened to everyone? Maybe tag them.


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Anyone wanna die?


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I don’t want to kill anyone who wants to be on until the very end but a few ppl haven’t been active for like a month or so lol :thinking: