Rp: the death game {chat: submissions sorta open}


Eh, if everyone wants to stay, kill off me first before anyone. (Ryleigh probably, everyone still needs to seduce Austin :joy:)


lol kk


Sorry but I don’t really feel like dying today…


same hehe


ayyy not in the mood to die but if y’all are on at the same time as me i’ll jump right back into the rp!


I don’t mind. Sorry I haven’t been active! I’m just stuck on what to come in with on the RP.


Yeah I get it. I thought adding a new character (jenny) would make the plot move faster. Anyone have any suggestions


I just thought of an idea. Perhaps a guardxprisoner romance could arise or an LGBT+ relationship? It would make the RP much more dverse and bring a lot more depth.


There are already some complicated sort of relationships. Do you guys want to pretend the second trial hasn’t started and just have some prisoner x guard drama? That may ramp it up a bit. Here are some sort of existing relationship drama:

Cyclops x Jenny
Cyclops x Maci
Austin x Taylor
Ryleigh x Keano

A lot of these aren’t a thing but there is drama lol. So I’m just going to go on as Cyclops and maybe make Jenny and Maci mad by calling a prisoner hot. Lmao cyclops is a playerrrr

Also whoever wants to be a third love intrest of cyclops (has to be a prisoner) comment!! I was thinking Cyclops would be talking about a girl to Austin or Jace and then Maci or Jenny will hear and they will unite with hatred towards that particular prisoner. Thoughts?


Maci is down for whatever type of relationship with whoever.


Oh yay, Austin’s been simplified to only one person seducing him. :smiley:


I do like that idea… who are the girl peisoners though?


Ryleigh, Oasis, Bronwyn, Taylor, Nico, and there’s probably some more I’m forgetting. :sweat_smile:


So who wants cyclops to love them. I say Ryleigh just to make it interesting with Jeano liking her. Then Maci has another reason to hate her. Lol


Why does everyone also volunteer my characters to get seduced? :sob:


If only law liked Keano… lol I wouldn’t have said it. Haha


Because Jace will taser them?


Austin has a taser too and will use it.


Okay so it’s settled. @ThatRandomPerson (Jace) Im going to be talking to you about @CrazygirldY_dY_dY (Ryleigh) in a super chill non professional way and either @RavenDawson (Jenny) or @ChayChay (Maci) can be listening in.


W h a t