RP: THE DEATH GAME (sign ups and face claims)



Background: You are an average New Yorker living your average life when you start to notice some signs. You and a group of people who see it too come together and begin to investigate… But maybe you go to far… You wake up in a cell with no memory of what happened prior to your capture, except that you were looking for something. You are in a cell with one other person and you are surrounded by guards. Will you escape with your life? Or will you be a loser in the sick “Death Game”.

The RP starts with you in a cell and advances from there. I am the captor and can set traps and tricks. There can be romances as well as rivalry. If you do something correct in the games, there is a chance you will be rewarded in some way. The possible roles are:


You help control the inmates. You can punish them, reward them, or even create relationships with them (whether they are good or bad). As a guard, you have your memory and have the opportunity to be a more deep and conflicted character. You work for the captor but you can betray them if you would like. Don’t forget, as a guard, you are also being closely watched and have just as high of a death rate as the prisoners :wink:


You have had your memory erased and are suddenly in a cage. You don’t know your past, but you do know that you must survive. You have to solve puzzles and escape deadly traps as well as deal with the other prisoners… On top of this, you must try to form an escape plan.

Both roles have equal amounts of action. I think that there will be 20 spots open depending on how many people want to join.

Forms and Face Claims

Here are the forms which you can submit down below:

Appearance (optional): ie, include pictures or description… A uniform will be provided
History/Any notable events:

Appearance (optional):

If you chose to be a prisoner, your history will be just as fuzzy to you as it is to your character. The captor may dangle some pieces of information over your head that even you don’t know about.


If something is being given or done to you, it will be shown in italics

Give an apple to @________

Punch @___________

If something is being announced it will be in all caps

WILL GUARD _____ PLEASE ESCORT @____ TO ______

Some Other Stuff
Some people may be killed off meaning that they leave the RP. Some people may be voted off. It will be announced if someone dies. Guards get personal insight into future plans. Submit your forms and any other questions you may have down below. The sign ups end when we have around 20 people. GET YOUR SPOT NOW! For prisoners, make sure to tag someone you want to be cell mates with or you will be assigned a random person. Good luck and may you survive the DEATH GAME!

1.) @ThatRandomPerson
2.) @RavenDawson
3.) @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
4.) @livvy613
5.) @ChayChay

1.) @Drama_Queer
2.) @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
3.) @ThatRandomPerson
4.) @ChayChay
5.) @Circe_dreamteam


This symbol is very important in the RP. It is stitched onto the guard’s uniforms and the prisoners wake up with a collar around their neck with this symbol. One thing to work on as prisoners gain more info is what this means.

ANOTHER THING: Some people have said that they don’t want to join because players have the option of dying. I can work around that if you would like (for ex: have there be a place you go after your eliminated, or maybe you’re not really dead) I just want as many people to join as possible so even though it’s called the “death game” I can alter the idea a bit if that’s an issue

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Reserve for guard!


Name: Bronwyn Zatara

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Sarcastic but sweet, kind but sassy, funny but short tempered


Reserve for prisoner please?


How many people can we have? This sounds interesting! :heart:


It depends on how many people are interested in each role! I know in total there will be either 15 or 20. Right now the ratio is 15 prisoners and 5 guards. I haven’t added a few people to the top because my thing isn’t working but i’m pretty sure there’s 4/20 people signed up so we have lots of room lol.


Name - Nicola Grace (Nico)
Appearance - (Wears heavier, quite messy eyeshadow)

Gender - Female
Age - 15 (is this okay or does it need to be older?)
Personality - Fairly closed off and guarded, sarcastic, witty and curious. Playful and sometimes dark sense of humour, very loyal and will fight you if you threaten her/people close to her.


Okay. Could I reserve two characters? A prisoner and a guard if that’s available. :heart:


Okay that’s fine! I’ll add you to the list once my computer starts working :joy:


Okay everyone I updated the list at the top!


Can I make another character?


Yeah sure!


Which character? Guard or prisoner?


Name: Ryleigh Harden
Appearance (optional):

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Personality: Sweet, makes friends very easily, resourceful, creative, she’s a natural leader.


Name: Austin Lawrence
Appearance (optional): ie, include pictures or description… A uniform will be provided
Gender: Male
Age: 21
History/Any notable events: He was roped into working for the captor by a friend, his mother died wen he was young
Personality: Ambitious, independent because he had to learn how to care for himself early on, intelligent, loyal to his friends, closed off to most people.






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Will do then :joy:


Reserve for prisoner. I’ll sign up in a bit