~Ru’s Group Therapy~


Dr. Phil Voice Enabled.
I’m so tired of groups nipping at each other’s nips (Don’t wanna get flagged now.) So I decided to make this thread… THEARPY! So what’s happening here is you discuss your problems with me and your ‘rivals’ to sort this out and stop contaminating our episode togetherness. (Didn’t know how to word that :joy:.) Here’s What I need.
Your group name:
Your Rivals:
Your problem:
Yeah, I’m the best in town Boi. Don’t nip at my nips though.

Episode Harmony’s Apology

Lol you did do it


I make my dreams come to life.


Ok so

Your group name: Episode harmony
Your Rivals: not gonna say
Your problem: so how do I feel ealier I was doing a request since the person ask for alot of things and my group was helpinf me thats when this person came bursting through the door saying me and my group can I was like :confused::expressionless::neutral_face::triumph:bishhhhhhh and so i did the same thing but they want to go attacking me


Mhm. Adjust Dr. Phil’s glasses and coughs. I see.





Have you tried reasoning with this group?


Oh its caused they hate me


I need to know the group name.


Can I pm you it


Of course!


Bump u