Rude authors... do you still read their work?

It would probably depend on how invested I was in a story. How “problematic” an author is is subjective. Luckily, I’m new enough as far as discovering a lot of authors/I’ve read back enough on forum topics that I already have a general idea of who to avoid.

Usually I do give up. However, IF I LOVE the story enough and the directing is good enough (meaning it’s worth reading) then, while grinding my teeth, will read the story and just not tell anyone…

Absolutely not. The only place they go is the block list.

Though, if I was reading a story and the author ended up being super awful I would most likely finish out the story I was reading if I was already a signifiant ways in and then not read anymore from them. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Normally, I would immediately stop reading the story if the author’s rude but if the story is absolutely amazing, I would read the story regardless :sweat_smile:

Yeah me too. I was just asking for the music background of her story and she cuss at me.

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I think the context of rudeness matters. I remember scrolling through fanmails of Meila Summerswho may or may not be one of my favourite authors to this day it quickly caught my eyes how her replies were a bit stand-offish if not outright mean ~ I noticed many people were mentioning it as well… however upon a closer look, it seemed like she was rather being firm without trying to sugarcoat her words, she knew what she wanted to say and left it right there! This is something that made her even more likable than everto me at least

Now that being said; I would much rather not spend my passes on immatured authors who doesn’t value what the readers have to say, or straight up turns their fanmails off when held accountable their wrong doings. I’m not here for separating art from artists; what they have created is bound to have the essence of them within and it’s hard to not relate these two with eachother.