Rude popular authors

Ok so I just wanna know has anyone ever been humiliated or disrespected by any popular authors? Like some are just so rude it’s not ok. I just experienced this right now and I’m not happy about it.


Hmm honestly no, many of the popular artists who’s stories I read are actually very nice! They are very active with their followers. A few that come to mind are @sophookles @piccalilly , earlgreytea, lucas, and more) <33


Yea I like these authors it’s mostly the ones that are more known and just rude to their readers. I don’t wanna name any on here to start any drama but I could dm u if I want


Whoops I meant author yea my mistake😭

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many authors are nice, but there is also some means once, personally I dont tend to follow authors so I dont know,

only such rude authors I talked to are the once I have called out for art theft, and then they got angry and defensive, but like that me starting the problems, so cant blame them, but sericlsy dont steal art :roll_eyes:

though a sertend big author who, I hate, because well she is an art thief and have also had TWO plagarised stories there is deleted now, and she legit just got a new featured story, I also heard she is a bully, but like, I never personally had a problem with her, but again never read her stories anyway


Oh naww I hate ppl like that like you don’t own these characters mostly authors that think their stories are on top of others

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though I might be a bit rude myself also, I am not a bad person, I just tend to be straight to the point and say my opinion, its how we speak where I live, and that can sound rude. not even jokeing its tha attitude where I live, just saw two americans who live in this country talk about that just how they speak to each other, we arent sentitive

I know its not an excuse to hurt people, and I often say sorry if I feel I said something wrong. or I feel someone got hurt,


True but like it’s mostly the humiliating part like laughing at ppl that ask u a questions. Taking shit in general about your readers that bother u a lot in their dms


@line123462 I actually like that you’re straight to the point. :wink: To be honest I better like someone by my side who is straight to the point, than a someone who is talking behind my back.
For me I never was humiliated or disrespected by rude popular authors, but I have a reader that ask me for update almost every week. :woman_facepalming:t2: That’s irritating and actually rude, too. I have 3 or 4 ongoing stories and I love to write in my own time.


That moat suck, i am very lucky I havent had anyone been after me about updates.

Actually hVe a group chat for my readers and evryone is so polite, espiaclly about the wait tim

I had a few rude people about cc though


I know not all popular authors are rude, but yes, I definitely have been on the end of disrespect from popular authors.


Yesss it’s uncalled for

Like having cc limited?

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100%! A lot of the popular authors I’ve talked to are super nice and it’s quite hard to find rude ones but I have met a certain author who had around 1 mil reads on her most popular story (won’t name for their privacy) But I messaged her and this is how the conversation went:

This is the conversation (just didn't want to take up space)

Me: Hiya! I’ve been reading your story ‘not saying haha’ and I was just wondering if you will ever give full lip customisation? My character’s natural lips are gloss ‘light peach’ and none of the ‘natural’ lip colours work on my character. Of course it’s okay if you can’t, just wondering! :relaxed:

Them: K why did u message me it sounds like a you problem.

Me: Oh, I mean I was just wondering since my character looks a bit odd haha! Don’t stress about it though!

Them: Not changing it. Deal with it.

Me: I’m not sure why you’re being rude about it, it was a genuine question.

Them: LOL nobody even reads your stories message me when ur famous lol.

Me: I don’t understand how that relates to the problem at hand.

Me: I did really like your story but your attitude kind of ruins it for me…

Them: Idc stop reading then I don’t need your 1 read I have like a million more.

Them: Blocks me then harasses me in the fanmail of my story

So that was such a fun experience but dw you’re not alone! :joy:


Wow, I’m sorry you had to go through that. That’s actually why I’m slightly afraid of messaging big authors to ask to update CCs because the retaliation and blocking for a simple question are hurtful when no intention to bother them.


not anymore
but a few years ago the community was a lot different :sweat_smile: always clicks and drama

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aw you were being so polite and sweet, I don’t see why the author would talk to you like that. As an author, every one of my reader’s opinion matters. Although I usually include CC anyways, if a reader asks for it, I’d either explain why I can’t include it (maybe the storyline needs the character to look a specific way), or I’d take their request into consideration, because ofc I’d want every reader to have a great experience with my story.


Oh heck no that’s just plan rude


ATP I just don’t even care about it Bc they are just gonna act entitled😭

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That’s understandable😔