Rude popular authors


I know that was not nice said, but getting ask to change CC is really anoying. And it’s disrespectful of you to ask. Its authors choice how they do CC

As an author with limited CC i hate getting messages asking to change it. I feel dis respected about my dicsion, that the readers dont like my characters.

Because it means that advance code, a well writen story with choices there mattes, means nothing compared to people haveing their 2d boyfriends

I know its not what your saying, or what others say, but I read please change CC, as. your characters are ugly, i dont respect your story, or dicisions on the story

I like to remind the stories are free and peoplw
e put hours upon hours into them.

Some people have legit got threathen for not have CC

So yeah in short dont write to authors and ask them to change their story. You wouldnt like people writhing to you and said you shoukd change your story

I bet that author had already got plenty asking to change CC and arr damm tired of it.

As for harrash you in Fanmail, not okay. Thats wrong. Thats hasrasment


Wow- so much for an author-

Well most of the authors I’ve seen are nice, and well keyword MOST not all

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That’s just plain rude.:unamused:
That’s not how to talk to people… sorry u had to go through that.


I completely agree that it may be annoying but I did try to be as polite as possible. It’s not like I was sending death threats, just wondering. I even said to not worry about it if they can’t but i get how it may be annoying.

The thing is though, I bet a lot of people ask them and it may be annoying but that’s no reason to be rude to a complete stranger. That’s like being mad at your friend for asking for directions a lot and then screaming at a complete stranger who asks for directions once?? does that make sense?? It does in my head haha

I’m sure the limited CC was key to the plot but the author could have definitely at least explained why they couldn’t or just said that they didn’t want to change it in a kinder tone??


Probably the only time a name drop would be ok…but maybe I’m just curious who it is lol.


What was your experience?

Haha! Honestly other than privacy reasons (her account name was her real name) this happened around 2 years ago and I un favourited her story so I can’t find it! I checked on IG but she has a blank pfp and her name is just Instagrammer_ so her account was probably deleted. All I really remember about her story was that there was some mafia guy and girls kept trying to throw themselves at him then mc shows up and ignores him so he chases her and there was this whole ‘not like other girls’ speech :sob: :sob: Why did I even like the story girl

So she wrote a story that is 100% UNORIGINAL and then has the audacity to act like she’s a celebrity. Those authors are the worst lol


I dont disagree with the fact. the authors behavior was wrong,

Espically the harrasing you part. She should not have doen that.

True you where polite. But had it been me I would have been angry over the message too, now i wouldnt have replied the way she did, because its not a thing to be angry over. I woukd have taken a breather and replied when i wasent angry anymore

I dont k kw about that author but i put tought into how I did CC, and i considired it a lot. Its not just a, i want my characters, it has to do with their background, and my codeing. And asking for me to change to full CC, means my wheel devolot characters are not good enough for this person, it hurts.

Worst i got was this girl who told me she loved my story but was gonna stop reading because limited CC ruin it for her. That hurts.

An actuall CC ask i replied to

I 100% understand what you mean.

Don't even know what I'm on about atp lmaooo

As for the attached, your reply probably could come off as somewhat rude to some?? Like I’m sure you’re not a rude person at all but the way you phrased it could be seen as a bit too straightforward. Over text it’s really difficult to guess tone, sarcasm, etc. so i feel like we have to be a bit more careful when it comes to text?? Like emojis definitely help people guess the tone a bit more and punctuation also plays a huge part. If someone uses and exclamation point people are more likely to not get offended by it like instead of saying ‘Thank you and No. I made my decision before I published and it wont change.’
You could say: ‘Thank you sm! But Im afraid I made the decision before publishing and I don’t think I’ll add full CC :relaxed:

Of course your texting style is your style I’m just saying some things could be misconstrued as rude or defensive because full stops are typically seen as passive aggressive…??? Haha

I feel like people like characters a specific way, like there isn’t one character who will look perfect for everyone, everyone has different tastes so I feel like customisation does help people enjoy the story more. The background of the character and your codeing are very valid reasons for having limited CC but if someone wants to change it, I don’t think you should take it as them personally criticising you but just that they want to feel more personally invested in the story if that makes sense?

But that was out of line saying she’d stop reading just because of limited CC.


Period queen

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It actually got worse when i replied i wasnt changeing CC, to her who said limited CC ruin it, she said she was gonna report my story, i know my reply to her wasent picture perfect nice, it was just a direct firm no. That i wasent changeing my story. But that was uncalled for.

I ended up reporting her and had her fanmails removed

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Sorry you had to go through that!! That person was so out of line

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She was, and so was the author you talked to, we cant always be the perfect polite person but there is no excuse to harrash people, i am sorry you where harrased by that author.

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It makes me sad that you feel this way because these rude “big authors” are probably nobodies in real life and they are on some power trip because a bunch of people read their stories on an app.

I wonder if someone reads only one chapter, if it counts towards how many readers an author has. There are some stories that are just terrible with 1M+ views. Idk how people sit through that.


Most authors are nice, don’t be afraid to reach out because of a bad experience.


I can relate too I don’t like messaging big famous authors, I really thought it was only me that was kind of scared to.


Yep, once here on the forums.