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How do I add sound? I keep trying, but it keeps saying unexpected garbage. Here is what I put “sound alarmclock-beep” but it is not working. What did I do wrong?!

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It should work… why don’t you send me a screen shot

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I just published my first story using limelight, but when I went to go and read it it keeps appearing in the spotlight format and I don’t know why because I did not select that option for my story

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Send me a screenshot of your story on the desktop
(Pic below as a sample of what I need)

Hmm sorry baby, but it looks like somehow you ended up choosing spotlight…
when you make a new story and you go to make your characters this pops up

Then when you pick that, this pops up

This is for spotlight

And this is for normal full body format

Maybe you clicked spotlight by accident?
My advise, since you don’t have views yet, create new story and copy and paste in your chapters

Alrighty thank you for your help

Explain to me what opacity is, how to put and overlay in zones, and what easin easout means and stuff like that please :sob::sob::sob:

Opacity is how solid an image looks. The higher the opacity (highest being 100%) the clearer the image is. The lower the opacity (lowest being 0%) the more seethrough the image looks.

Here are some guides for overlay placement. There’s two ways that can be used, (also at the same time) A and B

Let me know if you have a question about the guides.

This is my general overlay code. The things written in bold are what you need personalized:

&overlay YOUROVERLAY create
&overlay YOUROVERLAY opacity 100% in 0
&overlay shift YOUROVERLAY to X Y in 0
&overlay YOUROVERLAY to layer 0
&overlay YOUROVERLAY scales to SIZE SIZE in 0


Hiiiii :hugs::blue_heart:



Is it possible to show two zones? Like the camera is backed up? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense not sure how to word it.

You mean like in the areas circled in red on the pic below?

YES. That’s exactly what I am looking for!

It’s possible, zooming in and refocusing until you get it right. You have to play around with it. You want to show me the background your working on and where you need to focus the image?

This is the background I am using

Is it a Episode background? And where do you want to zoom into?

I wanna say it is but I’m not 100% sure and I actually want it to appear just like this but so far it just cuts straight to a zone instead and I don’t know how to show the whole thing

If it’s easier to explain using an episode made background I can get the only one that I had in mind

Ohhhhhhhhh now I see what you’re saying. Nah, that’s not possible. I mean it is but you’ll get a small image in the dark. Like this: