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It worked!!!

Good job!


Is there anyway that anyone can show me a example on how to make the character walk into the background in a certain size or is that not possible

You can try something like

&CHAR spot z x y
@CHAR walks to spot x y z in s

Here’s a guide I have on Spot Walking:

You’ll find that specific answer in section # 1

I don’t really understand the faster animation thing. I read what you posted bout it so i tried and it didn’t change anything.
Can you please give me an example?:sweat_smile:
Sorry about my grammar…

Hi, I don’t know whether you already had this question covered since there ist just so much to read in here :sweat_smile: However, I was wondering how you are able to rename a character using the name input… I know how to reuse the label in a dialogue, but I’d like to have the name displayed as well for the speech bubbles :thinking:

Hey it may seem like I’m a bit noob but I’m doing a story and I don’t know how to put a notification I think it’s called toaster… could you help me?

I don’t either :joy: but I work with INK. If you want the character to run faster just time the walking to spot action (you can time default one as well)

@CHARACTER exits left in 0.2 AND CHARACTER is run_animation
@CHARACTER walks to spot in 0.5 AND CHARACTER is run_animation

So less than a second will be very fast :slight_smile:

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You display/script name has to be the same and in the code.

readerMessage your message here

it’s simple!
Make a character(if you have then it’s ok too) and then you have the “Display name”. So you just deleting the name and that’s it!
Again, sorry about my grammar:sweat_smile:

hahaha ok thanks!:joy:
And yeah I work with INK too:upside_down_face:

Thank you !

@cut to zone 3
@ZAY stands screen left
@ZAY faces right
@ZAY is eat_cupcake

(This is so good!)

(If anyone intrups me while im eating this they need to get me a dozen of cupcakes!!)

@BLUE enters from left to screen center in zone 3
@TASHA eneters from left to screen left in zone 3

TASHA (talk_greet)
Hey Zay.
My characters aren’t entering the scene
someone help plzz!

delete in zone 3 from these commands

can anyone help me idk what to do.


I’m not sure if this is the issue, but it looks like you have an extra closing bracket on line 562.

how do i fix it