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Can you send a link to the post? Because I’m not sure what you mean and there’s no need to respond to everyone :smile:

hey, I was wondering if you have any

choose your gender and love interest’s gender

templates? :confused: I know dara amarie had them but I can’t find her Instagram.

check her profile here :slight_smile:

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I don’t remember her having a template for that. You’re probably referring to the one time she used gender choices as an example for remembering choices.

To my knowledge no one has made a template like that and that’s simply because it’s just a basic choice option with gains that you refer to throughout the story.

Here’s Dara’s guide in remembering choices which might help:

Let me know if you need further guidance.

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So using the tappable overlay command just means your overlays can be clicked on. But that doesn’t take away from overlay animation, which is what you need to use in order to fade in the clothing overlays and then move them once they’ve been clicked on.

Here’s a guide on overlay animation:

I think she did have one :thinking:

The templates by @Dara.Amarie regarding those options:

Choosing your gender template:

Choosing your love interest’s gender template:

And you can find more awesome templates through her linktree: @dara.amarie.ep | Linktree

Remember to give credit if you use and good luck! :smile::revolving_hearts:


Thank you!!!

I need help figuring out how to make my character walk from the background of the scene to the front of the scene, like walking closer to the camera and growing larger. I think I have most of the coding right, but for some reason she walks there so fast?

Here’s the script, I have it all on one line, it may be easier if it’s separated but I don’t really know.

&EMERSON spot 0.524 -51 523 THEN EMERSON walks to spot 0.524 131 523 in zone 1 in 3 AND EMERSON faces right THEN EMERSON is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop THEN EMERSON is idle_awkward_scratch_loop THEN EMERSON walks to spot 0.965 153 215 AND EMERSON is walk_scared_loop THEN EMERSON is sigh_disappointed

Try adding the part in bold : )

that worked! thank you very much!!!

also, is there a way you can slow down one of the Episode looped backgrounds? I used the Looping Farm Fields background and it’s going way too fast for the pace of the narrative I’m using.

No, I don’t believe there’s a command for slowing down or speeding up a looping background :sweat_smile: You could upload an overlay and loop that, I believe :thinking:

Oh, well, thank you anyways! It’s not really a crucial scene, so I’m sure it’ll be okay. I’ll figure something else out. Ha!

Thank you!



How long is one episode typically? (How many lines)
~Thank You!!!

The minimum is 400 lines which, depending on your content, is about 3 minutes of screen time. But there is no limit on how long an episode chapter can be. But I think most authors try to keep them under 10 minutes.

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Idk what I’m doing wrong, in the episode app, it shows my character just standing there and not doing the animation.