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I’m assuming you’re also using a bg with a built in overlay. So you need to use the bg as an overlay and add a layer.


Then you add the character at a higher layer than the overlay.

Thank ill go try that

thank you so much you have fixed my story for the better. you are a life saver

Do anyone know who I could ask to personally create overlays for me

I used to do that, but my shop is now closed.

There are a few open shops in the Art Resources. You can make a thread there asking for someone.
Also, the forum holds an overlay sharing thread. Maybe you can find what you need there.

But I don’t know anyone specifically. Sorry, love.

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Actually someone just popped up on the feed loll:

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Thank you :blush:

What kind of overlays are you looking for :thinking::heart:

is there any way to get/upload my own clothes or get someone else to do it for me? ? ? ?

Nope, unfortunately no.


I keep getting the error unexpected character: naomi and idk how to fix it

Is there a way to change the characters name in the script to the name that someone types in? Not sure how to do that as a typed-in choice.

You forgot a bracket

] elif (“Don’t tell Cora about the letter”) {

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Right I know how to format typed in choices but how do I after that make that the Character’s name that displays on the screen? It’s in Spotlight format also. Not sure if that helps.

test your story on the phone


@LILLY enters from left to screen center AND LILLY is run_casual

    LILLY (scream)
Help! HELP!

@pause for 2

@LILLY walks to spot 1.280 43

@LILLY faces right

@LILLY starts cry_weep_loop

@pause for 3

@LILLY walks to spot 1.280 45 -176 AND LILLY does it while cry_sob_loop

@LILLY is cry_sniff_loop

@pause for 2

@MASTETA enters from right to screen center AND MASTETA is run_jog

@MASTETA is shocked

Whaaaats the problem in this :wink:

You’re missing the Y coordinate in your spot direction:

Oh… 1 sec :smiley:

Hiii, I’m a bit of a new coder, and I have this one thing that I can’t figure out. I got the MC to input their name in the first episode using label name_input and then gained that answer as FIRST_NAME. But for some reason, I can’t figure out how to make all the characters remember MC’s name in the next episode. Please help!!!