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Um i dont see my character

Can I see your code please


Yeah, the code that you’ve written so far

(i have 4 zones)

That’s because she’s laying down. You’re going to have to use Spot Directing to pull her up into the scene.

I have to load it up in my phone right?

You can. But you can also use the web previewer.

And what should the command look like later?


After i spot direct… how should the command look like?


Do you mean the numbers? How should they look like?

Never mind i think i got it Thanks…ill tell you later how it turned out thanks

I’m having problems with my script so when l preview it it’s not going forward l added a remembering choice with this if(date_with_character){ and now it’s not going forward after l put that in my script if anyone knows what to do l would love for you to help me💗

Can I see your script please

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I fixed that error too

But I’m stuck on 89 line and can’t move forward to line 94 after l put in if(date_with_nick){

I need to see the whole screenshot please

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Sorry l didn’t know you meant the whole image and this is what I’ve done so far but when l tap to go to the next line it won’t go forward