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You need to add a prop :slight_smile:

@add Flashlight to CHARACTER

to remove it:

@remove Flashlight from CHARACTER

You need to move your character using a spot directing to be visible. Check this thread here:

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Thank you! I’ll try!

Thank you!!!

so i’m very confused, how do i use props

@add Prop Name to CHARACTER
@remove Prop Name from CHARACTER

List of props is on the right hand side of your writers portal. You can also check out this thread by Dara :slight_smile:

thank you

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Hello! I have a question. How can I make my character talk without using an animation? For example, I make my character do the shush animation then at the end, she pauses and makes a weird face. I want her to speak but keep that same ending face. :slight_smile:

You can just use the dialogue command without adding an animation:


In my story, the player is able to choose between a black cat and a white cat, and that cat appears many times (as an overlay) throughout the story. I have two overlays for the car, BLACKCAT and WHITECAT.

How do I make it such that the color of the cat is whatever the player has chosen?

The only solution I’ve seen so far is to use if cat_color is black, @overlay BLACKCAT ----- , elseif cat_color is white, @overlay WHITECAT ------". However, I wish to add not only more color choices, but also accessories for the cat. The cat undergoes a lot of animations throughout the story and I was hoping to be able to avoid having to repeat this code so many times. Is there a ‘variable’ I can set, for example?

Your options are limited because in order to have the overlays presented at some point, each one of them has to be coded in. I suggest you copy and paste the same if/elif/else code throughout your story, and adjust any changes depending on the circumstance.

The only other thing I could recommend if you wanted a less cluttered of/elif/else code, would be to add in all the overlays at a 0 opacity first. Then just add an opacity change on the if/elif/else code. But again, that’s just rearranging commands around. You will have to repeat certain steps.

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Hey, i need some help with a error that’s come up on an outfit choice

Is it inside the choice?

Do you want me to send that part of the script?

Yes, you can :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply!

I am in need of help. Are you familiar with zooming in something while a character or characters move away from the zoomed area?


Okay, well I’m trying to do the opposite. While zooming out of an area, I would like the character or characters to move into the area. How would I be able to do that?

Same concept. You’re just shifting the characters towards the screen instead of away.