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could you give an example, please?

&ADALYNN is slap_face
@pause for 0.2
&overlay BOOK create
&overlay BOOK shifts to 146 348 in zone 3 in 0
&overlay BOOK scales to 0.297 0.297
&overlay BOOK opacity 1 in 0
@pause for 0.2
&overlay BOOK shifts to 146 348 in zone 4 in 1 THEN overlay BOOK shifts to 146 0 in zone 4 in 0.2
&pan to zone 4 in 1
@pause for 0.5
&UNKNOWN is slap_face_receive
@pause for 1
@UNKNOWN changes into Exposed
@UNKNOWN is talk_startled

Let me know if this works! You can change the shift spots of the book (for zone 4) so it ends up on the UNKNOWN’s face

edit - I clearly cannot spell ‘unknown’ tonight :neutral_face:

Can anyone help me with allowing readers to customize the main character? I am very new to all of this so any info is super helpful!

Thank you so much!

I’ll check if it works!

For some reason the the character stays there no matter what I do I even tried put in zone 2 and it’s not working

This is the script

AND MOTHER faces left
On line 701 :slight_smile:


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And my speechbubbles are never where I put them is this a common thing that happens?

Sometimes when you’re previewing your story (especially on the app) it will just remember the last piece of code for the speechbubble and not reset itself unless you’ve coded every single one. The code on line 690 looks correct for the dialog on the screen though. Not sure if the web preview is the same though.


Heyy I need help again😂 for some reason this character stays big I changed his spot like 10 times.

He’s david

maybe try a higher layer?

Thanks but I just noticed that I put right and not faces right I’ll try both and see what works💙

Hi… I’m trying to write my first Episode story and I’m already having trouble. I am using my mobile and i cannot figure out why i can’t see the words I’m writing so i don’t know if i spelled the words right. Nothing seems to be working. So i tried on my computer and i don’t know how to start new lines. Also… i tried making a new story on mobile and still can’t see words until afterwards. I need some help in how to fix these issues. I can’t even delete anything because there are no options for it.

Hello! I have a CC option but I use (quite a lot of) arm overlays. I think I’ve seen stories with arm overlays that matched the CC skin color. How can I achieve this? Do I upload 10 different arms overlays for each scene? Or maybe four and let the reader choose something that matches their chosen skin color?

Any tips on improvement? Any tips on how to proceed? I guess I’ll need to use gains here?

Hi, is there a conclusion to Trophy Wife told by Brandy? Good read and reccomendation but has no ending.