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thanks anywayssssss and last one if you don’t mind how can I make overlays fly across the room like a ball or idk

Yea, it’s overlay animation like the gif below:

Taken from my story Blood is Thicker

Here’s a guide by the immaculate @Dara.Amarie that can help:

A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

Yup that’s it thankss so much god bless you


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No I didn’t use gains. But how exactly do I use them?

You have to use gains to remember an outfit. Have a look here, if you have a problem let me know x



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Hey, I was wondering, how do you make covers that go in your story like the ones ive seen in other stories, like ones that say “This story includes sound” or whatever they put IN the story itself, not the cover for the book.

You can ask someone to make you one:

Or make your own, using programs like PicMonkey

Ok, once i make one, how do i put it IN THE story, like what command would i put?

You have to upload this as a background

Then in your story
@pause for 4
@transition fade out black 2

Ooh thank’s for recommending my thread!

What is the width and height a background can be? I am trying to make a “This story has sound” one on my story.

The width is 640 pixels, and the height is 1136 pixels. You can use any background then resize using a resizer.

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Thank you.

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No problem :blush:

Okay! I keep forgetting how to make characters walk and talk at the same time

Someone told me this is how you do it but it wont work
@CHARACTER walks to spot XYZ and CHARACTER is walk_talk_happy (or whatever the action is)
Cool cool - Example


Try changing is to does it while.

ugh it still doesnt work, the character will do the animation, (theyll walk and talk to a spot) and then the dialogue will start after they walk