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Hi I really need help. Im a newbie and I’m writing a story, everything went really well but when I moved to the next scene, I kept on getting this error: “Expected character or Scene change”. IDK what i have done wrong. I followed all the instructions, I’ve been researching for hours and I just couldnt make it right. Help? :frowning: Thank you.

can you show your script?

I’ve figured it out, thank you anyway! :slight_smile:

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Of course. Glad I could help. Maybe you could tell me the name of u’re story and I could read it sometime?

I’m coming along with my story just fine so far. Until I hit a road block with the background of the classrooms. No matter what I do with the coding I can’t seem to get my character behind the desk. Any helpful tips about this problem.

Thank you ever so much :purple_heart:

place desk at layer 1 and characters at layers -1 and -2
More about layers:

Hey! I think I have a question that many people haven’t even thought about so if you don’t know I don’t mind.
I want to create shadows for my characters. I do this by making a duplicate of my character and changing the bodycolour into silhouette and hair too. My only problem is I don’t know how to get rid of eyes, nose, eyebrows and mouth in coding formation.
Like normally you would use “@SHADOW changes mouth into MouthType” but of course that doesn’t work when you don’t even want them to have any features.

Do you know a resolution?

Question: so last chapter I had readers chose what they were wearing. The current chapter has the character in those clothes but also involves a flashback from a previous chapter. In the flashback the character is obviously in a different outfit. Once the flashback ends is it possible to have the character back in the outfits the readers chose again or will I have to just default it to whatever I want? Hope that makes sense.

Is the character customisable? If not, just make a duplicated character (don’t forget to change the name in the display box in the character creation) and use that character for flashbacks. If the character is customised, you can use @CHARACTER previews outfit outfit name then to change back @CHARACTER unpreviews outfit outfit name and they will automatically change back to the outfit they were wearing :blush:

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ahh why didn’t I think of that…thank you! :green_heart:

Another question for you: I have a character moving downwards while doing the animation in rear. As soon as he hits the spot he flips back around in idle. Any ideas?

@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y AND CHARACTER does it while rear_animation THEN CHARACTER is rear

Figures it out about two seconds after posting lol thank you so much

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try sound alarmclock_beep they have underscores _ not -. I’ve done the same thing before.

Hey, i’m having trouble to put an overlay (table) in zone 3, keeps saying that “Wrong syntax of specifying coordinates.Try “to SCALE X Y”. For example " 1.0 100 100”. And what i wrote was “INT. LA APARTMENT - DAY with TABLE DINER to 1.000 1.000 in zone 3 at layer 0”. Please help, idk what i did wrong.

Your picture looks fine. Except 11.000 looks a little too big unless your overlay is actually extremely small and you need to scale it up. I would put -

INT. LA APARTMENT - DAY with TABLE DINER to 1 -320 0 in zone 3 at layer 0

I also think the -320 might be offscreen
Put @cut to zone 3 and then place your overlay from there. You’ll get the correct co-ordinates.
You will also need dialog or @pause for a beat after your background if that’s as far as you have got in your script.

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Thank you, it worked, i was going crazy over here
tnx :slight_smile:

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Hi, I really need some help when trying to use if/elif/else when ever I input the gains in the brackets for example

if (chose_pink){
@CHARACTER changes into outfit
}elif (chose_black){
@CHARACTER changes into outfit 2
} else {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit 3

But before that when I changed the characters clothes It was wearing (chose_pink) outfit
Once changing back to the outfit it changes the characters clothes to the last outfit which is outfit 3
What I’m asking is how do you change the characters outfit back to the original choice of outfit the readers picked or basically change back the outfit the had on before changing out of it.
Please in desperate need of help :grin::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
PS: I’m a beginner

Not sure I understand what you mean…