Rude’s Here to Help! Ask your questions babes 💙

Don’t worry about it. You can still save it and preview it. It’s just warning you that you can’t publish it

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OoOoOoh. Got it! :sweat_smile:

Yas! :slight_smile:

what if you wanna remember a choice from a previous episode? what do I type?

Okay so for this you use gains and if/elif/else statements. I suggest you look at @Dara.Amarie 's guide. I’ll link it here:

How do you make a golden choice?

< PREMIUM> “I’m a golden choice!” {

} “I’m not :(“ {


Lol thank you

Wait it’s not working! Here’s what I have…

goto label people_choice

} < PREMIUM> “Done” {




Try this:
goto label people_choice

< PREMIUM> “Done” {



Tysm purple! :blush:

Hey hun how can I get my character to idle rear in a left or right position?


You will use whatever the idle rear command for the style you are using and you have the character face the opposite direction you want them to be facing.

Example: I want the character to face right.
@CHARACTER is idle_rear and CHARACTER faces left

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Thank you so much !

hii…can you make one overlay for me…I am looking for ring box can you make one please

Sure, but please input your request in my overlay thread:

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So I’m about to publish my first 3 episodes. I just wanted to say thank you all for all your help up to this point! :sweat_smile: If ya’ll have any input let me know! It’s titled Flashback Friday.

Also, the bed background still hasn’t been approved yet. Will have to use it later on. :frowning:

How to I get her to hide in hamper like in rebounding with bad?


I have an overlay shop. It’s in my bio if your interested