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So the solution is pretty easy, I just wanted to see your zoom coordinates.

All you have to do is leave the X Y the same and just change the zoom.

So your zoom commands should look like this:

@zoom on 463 331 to 724% in 0

@zoom on 463 331 to 100% in 3

Do you know how to add an accessory to an outfit. I let the readers choose what outfit they want the character to wear but i want to add a necklace no matter what outfit they chose.

You’d have to make a duplicate outfits with the necklace on. There’s no way to remove pieces of clothing from an outfit.

Thank you so much! :blush::blush::blush:

Another question… How do you get you character to walk of the stage without having their spot reset (what I mean is that they leave the stage but when they do, they enlarge to 100% and I don’t want that). I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m getting at… :woman_shrugging:

or should I just let them walk to the same spot but in a different zone and then let them walk off the stage. Seems a bit extra tho :thinking:

Yes, you have to place your character offscreen and use command walks to spot to keep the size right


Thank you for the info, I have a baby in my story right now, so I’m trying to be able to let the readers choose their own name for the baby and have it stick, so would I do; What would you like to name the baby? | What would you like to name the baby? | Done (ANSWER) or would that be stupid? You said I had to repeat the question again. Or is the question too long?

input What would you like to name the baby?|What would you like to name the baby?|Done(BABY)

It’s not too long :slight_smile: make sure you’ll put your display name in brackets so later in the story when baby grows up you can use it.

When you want to mention name in the dialogue just put [BABY]

When I try to change characters hairstyles in limelight it just says updating preview, I’ve tried waiting for an hour and it still says it? I don’t like any other types of characters. Please help!

Change your browser to Google Chrome

Hello I have no idea what codes are needed to place that dialogue box on the top of the story. Can you please help me thank you

That’s a reader message. Here’s the command:

readerMessage Your Message here


Thank you so much :heart_eyes:

Do you happen to know why I keep getting this error? It used to work perfectly. I’m not sure if it’s Episode or my computer.

It means there’s an error in your script. Is there anything you’ve added recently that led to this issue?

Would spelling errors cause this problem? Because other than that it doesn’t show any error. Or can it be caused from a later chapter having errors? And, the spelling errors are intentional so if it is caused by the spelling errors is there any way around that?

Grammar errors shouldn’t affect your story. If you hadn’t had this issue before, previous chapters also shouldn’t affect your story.

I wanted to ask that how can you make the overlay appear slowing as in a steady speed…
I want my overlay to appear after after some seconds…
I tried changing the opacity but it isn’t working…
It immediately gets on the screen is this because I added it to the background or something??

Thank you, I had the same question, you made it clear

I did but it isn’t really doing anything it is there even if I place that command it isn’t appearing its there…