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I want my character to punch or throw an overlay forward

How do i do that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I kinda got it down, but I think I did something wrong,
BRITTNEY (talk_rock_baby_prop)
Who should I pick?
BRITTNEY (talk_rock_baby_prop)
(Zack is probably a good choice.)
gain choose_Zack
BRITTNEY (talk_rock_baby_prop)
(Josiah is probably a good choice.)
gain choose_Josiah
BRITTNEY (talk_rock_baby_prop)
Are you sure?
“Yes, date this hotness!”{
BRITTNEY (talk_rock_baby_prop)
“No, not the right one!”{
BRITTNEY (talk_rock_baby_prop)
Nope, not this one.
goto choosing_outfits
But, when I choose Zack, it goes to Josiah instead. No idea why.
I did this: if (chose_Zack){scene}
But it just goes straight to Josiah’s.

Dang, you are good, I didn’t even notice, thanks so much!

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I have a background and it called INT. KIDS SIT DOWN - DAY with BOOM and the boom is the overlay and my girl character is going to puch the overlay forward because my story is a fantasy story pleas help

Here’s a guide on overlay animation:

@RudeInception thanks :grin:

How do you add a sound effect?

Ok thanks @brvnda

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Hey! I have another question for ya! Is there a way to make a character in sleep_uncomfortable position to be vertical instead of horizontal? I want to have my character in a bed background and it just looks dump with them horizontal. :thinking:

dumb not dump… :roll_eyes:

No, there’s no way to rotate a character right now. You can flip the character upside down but that’s about it.


Thanks! :kissing_heart:

Could a story be based around a guy at first instead of a girl, all i’ve seen is a girl be the main character, could I write a story of a guy instead? Or is there a rule for that?

Question… so I want my character to draw her gun and shoot from the back. Like the viewer sees her back while she does this. What would be the correct coding? I had her idle_rear then draw and shoot but she turns around and faces right when it comes time to draw the gun. Does that make sense? I deleted my coding because it wasn’t working otherwise I would paste it here.

Ofc you can! There’s no rule for gender character roles. Authors just tend to use a female MC because the majority of readers are females. But I’ve seen a couple that have the male point of view and it’s just as good.

So you want your character to shoot while her back is turned? There’s no animation for this. The best you can do is use an overlay of arms holding a gun and play around with the zoom.

Ok, thanks!

Someone just messaged me this in my fan mail… how do I go about fixing this? I checked on another phone and it is getting stuck in that scene in chapter four.

MerryMary05 asks: Dont know if its just me, but Im stuck in chapter 4 in the arcade watching Rebecca kiss Dexter. It wont move forward. Im loving this story and I really wanna know what happens next!

It’s a glitch. If the issue isn’t fixed by resetting the app then she needs to send a ticket to admin.

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