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Hi, in other people’s stories, when they have a background that’s like a letter or something for the readers to read, the screen pauses until you click on it. And I can’t figure out how to do that. Thank you!

You add some dialogue and then you move the speechbubble offscreen. That way you have to click on the screen before moving on but the speechbubble doesn’t get in the way.

OMG I wasn’t expecting you to reply so fast hahaha thank you so much :smiley: <3


I don’t understand why? :disappointed_relieved:
How can I make it looks normal?

You need to use layers :smiling_face:

Move girl to the layer -1 and guy to the layer 1 using a command:
@CHARACTER moves to layer #

More about layers here:

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You helped a lot, thank you :grin:

Hello, I can’t find the rose tattoo under outfits

It’s called Lady Rose Tattoo. You can search it.
And just a reminder that it’s only available to Ink makes.

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Thank you so much!!

Hii, is there tattoos for limelight makes and if there is where can I find it?

There isn’t at the moment, sorry doll

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Hi, I really need your help
Why doesn’t it work?

I’ve seen people make backgrounds where the words can move like animation style, do you know how to do that?

Try doubling down the brackets instead of putting them under each other:

“No” {

goto choosing_outfit


Yes, people do that by adding word overlays and using overlay animation. Here’s a guide on overlay animation:

I changed it but the same error pops up again.

I am really sorry for my bad english but I’m not an Englisch native speaker :wink:

okay, i feel like telling you to delete all the double brackets and just add it at the end but im not sure so instead ima @ the nestled choice pro @Dara.Amarie. I’m sure she’ll be able to help.

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Remove only 1 bracket from line 1394, then remove another (just one!) bracket on line 1413

Thank you, but it didn’t help either. But after I removed one bracket in front of the choices it worked.

instead of }“less is more”{

I wrote “less is more”{

That worked!