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Thank you so much, Apes! So it’s impossible if I want a character to do an animation on screen faster?

Yes, that the method for it if you don’t want to zoom on another place :slight_smile:

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Come closer, deary…



how do you make a speech bubble appear on the top of your device (there’s a lot of authors that do that now i’m just curious


They are using a reader message.

readerMessage Say what you want.

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I have a question on character customization…

I know how to go to the templetes and pick the avatar to customize but my question is do i have to do something at the beginning of each episode for it to remember what the reader has chosen?

or will it automatically remember in each chapter?
I didn’t have character customization in my first story and would really like to give the readers a choice to make the MC to their liking.

Thanks for the help.


Character customization will automatically carry over to each chapter following the customization. You do not need to do anything to make it remember.

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Awesome. Thanks so much for your help…

Just browsing through these questions from others have answered alot of mine… Wish i did this sooner…

you all are awesome

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Thank you

Thank You!

I’ve seen a few stories using the last stage of an animation while the “camera” is still on them. Do you have any idea how they done that?


Yes, they create dublicate characters. One character is on screen and the second one is offscreen doing the behavior. Then when you want, you remove the character in the scene and replace it with the second character. That way it appears as if the character just did the ending part of the behavior.

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I have a few questions, I’ve downloaded a few pics from just google images but

  1. I want some new backgrounds that episode doesn’t have. Is there a certain site everyone uses to download animated backgrounds?

  2. I was wondering if there is a better way to make episode covers?

Mine look terrible and I would love to do something a lot better.

Thank you

I just started a new story, I am still editing episode 1, however when I’m on my phone it doesn’t show my story, I have tried everything, any tips?

Thank you so much, I’ll try it out.

  1. There’s none, most of the people looking for a background on google, pinterest…
    Have a look here for edited episode backgrounds Instagram accounts
  1. Many episode forum users offer free covers, have a look at the recoursed section

Create more episodes? Maybe this will help. :thinking:

Do you mean for others or yourself?

Can anyone use this background?

Yes, just make sure you’ll give a credit in your story :slight_smile: