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What do you mean?

like how to make the camera move to a character to another (sorry im new)

Oh okay so if two characters are in the same zone, what we do is use zoom/focus direction. You zoom and focus into a character and then you move the focus to the other character.

Here’s a guide on Zoom Directing:

say your character is right there and you zoom on him then another character come and you move the camera to him in the same zoom

Yes it’d be the same zoom percentage you’d probably just have to change the X coordinate.

And add a timer, so it doesn’t zoom all at once.

X coordinate???

Read the guide I sent.


Thank you!!!


    ZANE (talk_call_out)

@ZANE faces left

    ZANE (talk_arms_crossed)
Let's go.

&overlay CARRIAGE create

&overlay 5711312218750976_CARRIAGE shifts to 127 94 in 0 in zone 2

&overlay 5711312218750976_CARRIAGE scales to 2.972 2.972

&overlay 5711312218750976_CARRIAGE opacity 1 in 0

@Zara_1 is shocked AND ZARA faces left

@speechbubble is 175 259 to 83% with tail_top_left

    ZANE (talk_call_out)
Watch out..

The problem with this is that my overlay isn’t even showing up I tried to change the scale but it isn’t showing up what am I doing wrong this time??

Are you in zone 2?


Hm… have you tried to preview on the phone?

I previewed it on my phone…

hmm… maybe delete these numbers and try to preview again?

Without these numbers it says that the overlay doesn’t exist…

Weird. It should work without it. What’s the name of your overlay? Maybe it’s misspelled?