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No, it just skips the if and elif

Can I see the full content for the if/elif Choice

if (nomakeover) {


&TERESA stands screen left AND TERESA faces right AND SELENA stands screen right AND SELENA faces left

    SELENA (talk_think)
What are you doing?

    TERESA (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
None of your business.

@TERESA faces right

elif (makeover) {


&MC stands screen right AND MC faces left AND DIANA stands screen center right AND DIANA faces left AND SELENA stands screen left

@transition fade in black in 1

    DIANA (talk_happy_smile)
I'm so excited [MC]!

    SELENA (talk_gesture)
Me too! [MC] is really good with makeovers!

    MC (talk_gossip)
Diana, I picked you out an outfit!

    SELENA (talk_mindblown)
Well what are you waiting for?!

    SELENA (talk_excited)
Go try it on!

@DIANA walks to screen left in zone 2

@DIANA changes into MAKEOVER

@DIANA walks to screen center

@DIANA is primp

@SELENA is applaud_loop AND MC is applaud_loop

@pause for a 2

    MC (talk_apathetic)
Now let's do something about that hair...

@DIANA is nod_loop

@MC is eyeroll_subtle

    DIANA (talk_exhausted)
Selena, you can stop clapping now.

@SELENA is idle_awkward

Use else instead of elif (makeover)

Also, just a reminder that you either reset the story or interchange the flags on the Flag & Counters option

Hey, I was wondering, how would I be able to do the remember things, like for example, asking the reader for their name, and stuff when making the character, when they put their name in, how does the story remember the name, so you don’t have to put the name in again? Like for a pet name, the story would remember the pet name you put in, this is hard to put, but how would you do the remembering thing?

Here’s a guide for remembering typed in choices:

Thank you!

it’s saying the overlay inside car does not exist. But it does. It’s been approved for weeks.

Make sure the overlay is spelled correctly on the script.

It is… I copied and pasted it straight to the script. I’m about ready to delete the whole scene

EXT. MANHATTAN SKYLINE CAR LOOP - DAY with INSIDE CAR in zone 1 at layer -2 with CAR INTERIOR in zone 1 at layer 1
&EVERLY stands screen center in zone 1 at layer -1 AND ROSS stands screen right in zone 1 at layer 0 AND ROSS faces left AND REBECCA stands screen left in zone 1 at layer 0 and REBECCA faces right
@pause for a beat

And I have a warning under the error saying that all that isn’t a valid directing command.:roll_eyes:

No need to delete it all hun, let me figure this out for you.

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Thanks I’ll try that… hold please. lol

Omg I accidentally deleted the post, hopefully you have it copied already? I can do it again if needed.

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now I have 3 warnings that it’s not a valid directing command. Eff bear!

Oh dang it😂 I haven’t written in my story in such a long time, I apologize

No worries. Thanks for trying

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