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thank you thank you thank you!

It’s still doing the same thing; it only changes to the first outfit :frowning:

Are you previewing in the app or the web previewer? Because if/elif/else don’t come up on the web previewer unless you enable picker. Less complicated and more accurate to use the app previewer.

Is there any reason that wouldn’t work? I have exactly that. Could it be because the characters are standing too close or something?

Let me see your code

I’m using it in the app previewer- its so strange because yesterday it worked, then I edited it some more today and now its not working

Are you resetting between choices? You’re using gains so you have to reset

like resetting the outfit? Yes i changed the outfit in between the choices if that’s what you mean

how do you reset choices?

No I mean reset the story. Gains last even if you update or restart the chapter, so you have to reset the whole story.

so refresh the story on my computer? lol sorry I’m a technology idiot

Use tha app and you click on Navigation then on Reset Story Progress

okay thank you very much!!:slight_smile:

@WESLEY enters from left to spot 0.965 94 129
&WESLEY moves to layer 0
@add Coffee Cup to WESLEY
@speechbubble is 211 210 to 100% with tail_top_left

    WESLEY (talk_hold_drink)
Hey baby doll, brought you coffee.

@KYLA is take_item_grateful

@remove Coffee Cup from WESLEY
@add Coffee Cup to KYLA
@speechbubble is 143 213 to 100% with tail_top_right

    KYLA (idle_hold_drink)
You're the only good in my life.

Try changing is to start when Kyla takes the coffee:

@KYLA starts take_item_grateful

anyone know how to get someone to swing a baseball bat?

Ink or Limelight?


There’s no animation for a swinging bat. Only holding up a bat

how do you use character points

Use this guide by @Dara.Amarie
It will be helpful…