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Ive recently started using the web previewer, not my fav thing but I see why it’s convenient. I’ve also had that happen to me and reloading the screen fixes it.

I know it’s frustrating


Again, I suggest using the app whenever the web previewer is giving you problems. Also fill out a ticket for admin so they’re aware of this issue.

My character is the thing that’s moving when the background should be moving too. How do i fix this??

my error says i can’t have a character immedtaily following the other what did i wrong? my script is:

 SARAH (sigh_disappointed)
Did you get even fatter [FIRSTNAME]?

    PHOEBE (talk_argue_angry)
No, I'm pregnant!

    KELLI (laugh_giggle)
That says every fat person, Right Tessa?

    TESSA (laugh_crackup
Yes, I agree with her.

    SARAH (laugh_crackup)
Me too.

    ROY (laugh_giggle)
Same for me.

    PHOEBE (talk_confused_mindblown)
What did i ever do to you Sarah?

    SARAH (scream_angry)
You f*cked my dad.

    PHOEBE (cry_sniff_sad_loop)
He forced me to Sarah I didn't want too, That's why I'm pregnant.

    SARAH (talk_accuse_angry)
My dad would never do that you br*t, Punch her Roy!!!

    ROY (punch_fight_give_angry)

    PHOEBE (punch_fight_receive_angry)

    ROY (punch_fight_give_angry)

    PHOEBE (punch_fight_receive_angry)

    ROY (punch_fight_give_angry)

    PHOEBE (punch_fight_receive_angry)

    PHOEBE (fall)
She passed out guys!!!! Fast let's go to my place before somebody sees us!

Tbh, I would have to see a video of these because The script is fine. If you would like to take a screen grab video of the story and dm me on insta that would help me help you. Thanks

The “NO” is the issue. Change it to “No” like the others and it should be fine


an other question. I would like to have my character only doing an animation without saying something while doing the animation. How do i do that?


@CHARACTER is animation/behavior

Hi! Me again lmao
How does a character walk to spot while they do a walk animation?
I’ve written some of the command but is it does it while animation or while animation

&ELIJAH is idle_sad AND IVAN walks to spot 0.786 72 160

Always good to see a friendly meme loll

Just reverse the command:

&IVAN walks to spot 0.786 72 160 AND ELIJAH is idle_sad

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The command is: does it while but you can also use is

So it’s
&IVAN walks to spot 0.786 72 160 AND IVAN does it while walk_sad AND ELIJAH is idle_sad

Oh loll Noo, I just meant you can use either or:

  1. &IVAN walks to spot 0.786 72 160 AND IVAN does it while walk_sad

  2. &IVAN walks to spot 0.786 72 160 AND IVAN is walk_sad

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Oh okay, thank you!

How do you get characters to be in zones when your character comes through

You place them onto the scene before the character passes by.



@CHAR1 stands ________ in zone ___

@CHAR2 walks to ________ in zone ___

if you want a character to run into the zone while the other character is doing a behavior how would that go?

would it be
@CHAR1 is animation/behavior AND @CHAR2 enters right AND is run_jog

@CHAR2 enters from right to _______ AND CHAR2 is run_jog AND CHAR1 is animation/behavior

I can’t fix this. The “}” is clearly threre.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to.”{

“Wow, you’re so hot”{