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@transition fade out 3


**@ZAYONA stands screen left in zone 1 AND ZAYONA is walk_exhausted **

@TASHA stands upscreen left in zone 1 AND TASHA is walk_neutral

TASHA (walk_neutral)
We have so mnay places we need to go to.

ZAYONA (walk_neutral)
Hold up!

ZAYONA (walk_neutral)
I thought we was just going to Forever 21.

TASHA (walk_neutral)
When you go shoppiung with me, you should know we not going in ONLY ONE store.

ZAYONA (walk_neutral)
Let’s just get this over with.

@ZAYONA exits left AND TASHA exits left
when i previewed it the characters looked like they was walking backwords

Face them the right direction:

@CHAR stands ________ AND CHAR faces _____

actually, i figured it out on my own.
thnx though!

So, I’m trying to get the camera to zoom in on the MC while she’s running across the stage. Could you please help me?
:blush:, Katie

I suggest you zoom onto the coordinates that will end the zoom and slow down the zoom to the time that she gets there.
I’ll give an example:


&zoom X Y to % in 5
@CHAR walks to % X Y in 5

Awesome! Thx 4 the quick reply :smile:!

Hey hey!
So I’m trying to cut to a zone from another zone and zoom in right as it cuts over but it’s doing it in the wrong spot. :roll_eyes:
Fix it! lol. :confused: :kissing_closed_eyes:please and thank you!

EVERLY (talk_shrug)
Yeah, sure.

&AMBER is idle_awkward
@pause for 2
@cut to zone 2

@zoom on 161 0 to 292% in 0

@pause for 1.5

@MIKE walks to spot 0.992 258 118 in zone 2
@pause for a beat

&AMBER is idle_awkward
@pause for 2

& cut to zone 2

@zoom on 161 0 to 292% in 0

@pause for 1.5

@MIKE walks to spot 0.992 258 118 in zone 2
@pause for a beat

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Thanks! I knew you would know what the problem was. :heart_eyes:

You rock.

hi! Me again lmao. So I’m trying to create a overlay and when i save the script it gives no errors, but when im previewing it the overlay isn’t there?

&ELIJAH is listen_phone_eyeroll THEN ELIJAH is text_phone_neutral_loop THEN ELIJAH walks to spot 0.965 149 140 AND ELIJAH faces right AND ELIJAH does it while walk_offset_rear THEN ELIJAH faces left AND ELIJAH is reach_kneel_rear THEN ELIJAH is talk_exhausted

&pause for 2
@overlay RUDE_IN1 create
@overlay RUDE_IN1 shifts to 136 175
@overlay RUDE_IN1 scales to 0.400 0.400
@overlay RUDE_IN1 to layer 2


You’ll need to also add your opacity for the overlay when creating it.

&overlay RUDE_IN1 create
&overlay RUDE_IN1 shifts to 136 175 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay RUDE_IN1 scales to 0.400 0.400 in 0
&overlay RUDE_IN1 opacity 1 in 0
@overlay RUDE_IN1 to layer 2

PG is right. You must always add the opacity when creating overlays that way.
And also… I see my insta name :eyes::eyes::eyes: lolll

lable choosing_outfit

ZAYONA (talk_think)
What one should i pick?

"Blue Boo"{

@ZAYONA walks to screen center in zone 2

@ZAYONA changes into Blue Boo


"Yellow Glow"{

@ZAYONA walks to screen center in zone 2

@ZAYONA changes into Yellow Glow


"Cherry Bomb"{

@ZAYONA walks to screen center in zone 2

@zayona changes into Cherry Bomb


@ZAYONA walks to screen right in zone 3

@ZAYONA spot 1.280 75 -2

@pause for a beat

(Should I pick this or somthing else?)

"Choose this outfit"{

ZAYONA (talk_shrug)
Eh.This one looks good.

“Try somthing else”{

goto choosing_outfit

}strong text

It’s saying "unexpected garbage : The text on this line (The first line at the top) does not follow our formatting " What does It mean and how can I fix It?

you misspelled label

Also, delete the spaces between brackets and choices

oh… :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry happen to all of us :joy::sweat_smile:

Hey I have a question, I don’t know if it was already asked but I’m not gonna look through 900 posts lol :smile: Do you know how I can make a choice last beyond just one episode? I know about about the point system but is there any way to use the ‘GAIN_’ system for that purpose? Thank you!

Of course! You can use gains for remembering choices :slight_smile:

For example:
“Option 1” {

gain first_option

}”Option 2”{

gain second_option


Note: gain names can’t contain spaces

Later in the episodes:

if (first_option) {

} else {

#second option

For more info check this thread:

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Could somebody please help me with my script? This scene has two characters entering from the right, then walking up the stairs, then exiting right on the top of the stairs. Everything works in the scene except for when one of the characters, Jacob, does not function properly when walking up the stairs (I will bold this particular coding that doesn’t appear to be working.) Instead of walking up the stairs, like the other character, Alexander, Jacob is not working and just doing an idle action. Thanks to anyone that can help!

INT. SUBWAY EXIT - DAY with SUBWAY CEILING at layer 8 with SUBWAY STAIRS at layer 6
@zoom reset
&JACOB spot 0.227 223 400 in zone 2 AND ALEXANDER spot 0.245 250 395 in zone 2
&AERONICA spot 0.524 77 257 AND AERONICA faces left AND AERONICA is head_bob
&STEELE spot 0.515 23 269 AND STEELE is sing_warmup_loop AND STEELE faces right
@JACOB moves to layer 8 AND ALEXANDER moves to layer 7 AND AERONICA moves to layer 3 AND STEELE moves to layer 2
@pause for a beat
&zoom on 320 297 to 230% in 10
@JACOB moves to layer 10 AND ALEXANDER moves to layer 9
&JACOB walks to spot 0.227 223 400 in zone 1 in 7 then JACOB moves to layer 3
@ALEXANDER walks to spot 0.245 250 395 in zone 1 in 6 then ALEXANDER moves to layer 2
&JACOB walks to spot 0.146 274 620 in zone 1 in 18 AND JACOB faces left AND JACOB does it while walk_rear then JACOB walks to spot 0.146 302 620 in 4 AND JACOB faces right
@ALEXANDER walks to spot 0.137 286 622 in zone 1 in 17 AND ALEXANDER faces left AND ALEXANDER does it while walk_rear then ALEXANDER walks to spot 0.137 310 622 in 3 AND ALEXANDER faces right
@pause for a beat