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I am (I think) using the correct code to put a character in a spot in a certain zone, but I get the warning “Too Many Values To Unpack.” I don’t understand what to do or how to fix this issue.
I took screenshots of everything (I thought) to be involved in the issue, as I thought that to be beneficial to you. Unfortunately, I just joined Episode Forums, so I can’t upload more than one image per post, so I’ll just reply with the rest of the screenshots.

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No need for screenshots, just show me the code your using.


hey rude! can you help me with this code?

@overlay BOOK2 shifts to 65 170 in zone 2 in 3 THEN BOOK2 rotates anchor point 0 0 in 2 loop 2 times

i’m trying to have a book fall
thanks :blush:


What’s the issue?


sorry i never replied, i ended up figuring out the issue. thank you anyways❤️


Hii, I need help with weather effect. When I put for example EXT. BACKGROUND NAME with LIGHT SNOW nothing shows in preview. What’s problem with script :confused:



Just need to add effect :slight_smile:


Thanks so much xD


IDK if this is the right place but when i’m looking for backgrounds, i’m not getting a backgrounds that looks like a fashion store or a clothing store for that matter. is there a way i can get these backgrounds?


There are a few shop backgrounds on Episode. If you specify Shop on the the Tag option, then they will pop up:


Thx so very much!


@transition fade out 3


**@ZAYONA stands screen left in zone 1 AND ZAYONA is walk_exhausted **

@TASHA stands upscreen left in zone 1 AND TASHA is walk_neutral

TASHA (walk_neutral)
We have so mnay places we need to go to.

ZAYONA (walk_neutral)
Hold up!

ZAYONA (walk_neutral)
I thought we was just going to Forever 21.

TASHA (walk_neutral)
When you go shoppiung with me, you should know we not going in ONLY ONE store.

ZAYONA (walk_neutral)
Let’s just get this over with.

@ZAYONA exits left AND TASHA exits left
when i previewed it the characters looked like they was walking backwords


Face them the right direction:

@CHAR stands ________ AND CHAR faces _____


actually, i figured it out on my own.
thnx though!


So, I’m trying to get the camera to zoom in on the MC while she’s running across the stage. Could you please help me?
:blush:, Katie


I suggest you zoom onto the coordinates that will end the zoom and slow down the zoom to the time that she gets there.
I’ll give an example:


&zoom X Y to % in 5
@CHAR walks to % X Y in 5


Awesome! Thx 4 the quick reply :smile:!


Hey hey!
So I’m trying to cut to a zone from another zone and zoom in right as it cuts over but it’s doing it in the wrong spot. :roll_eyes:
Fix it! lol. :confused: :kissing_closed_eyes:please and thank you!

EVERLY (talk_shrug)
Yeah, sure.

&AMBER is idle_awkward
@pause for 2
@cut to zone 2

@zoom on 161 0 to 292% in 0

@pause for 1.5

@MIKE walks to spot 0.992 258 118 in zone 2
@pause for a beat


&AMBER is idle_awkward
@pause for 2

& cut to zone 2

@zoom on 161 0 to 292% in 0

@pause for 1.5

@MIKE walks to spot 0.992 258 118 in zone 2
@pause for a beat