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You are putting “layer 4” in the wrong place.

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Nope :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:
INT. BAR PURPLE - NIGHT with BAR PURPLE to 1.000 -334 -74 at layer 4 in zone 1
sound music_808full_lp
@zoom reset
@IVY changes into IVY_OUTFIT3
@ANNEKE changes into ANNEKE_FANCY4
@ANNEKE changes mouthColor into Raspberry
@ERIK changes into ERIK_CLASSY

@ANNEKE stands screen left AND ANNEKE faces right AND ANNEKE is sit

@ERIK stands screen right AND ERIK faces left

@pause for 3

@LEILA enters from left to screen center AND LEILA moves to layer -6

    LEILA (talk_neutral)
Need a drink now boss?

I think I know what the problem is, there is now overlay in there because the one which is approved and is called like that looks like this and I don’t see it.

this is BAR PURPLE but it does not show.

I need to ask you if it’s possible to do this. So I want the camera to follow my character to a certain spot in a zone, not just screen right or screen left. It gave me an error but is it even possible to do this?

@follow DR KARL to spot 1.280 205 14 in zone 3

Using the following command is not possible with spotting. What you can do is pair the & sign with the pan command and then walk your character to the spot:

&pan to zone 3
@DR KARL walks to spot 1.280 205 15 in zone 3

Thank you! I tried it in the app, same thing happens. It’s weird as I copied it from the first iteration and just changed the XY coordinates.

Do you know ho I do this, I want at a certain moment that someone is putting a rock through a window?

I am going to upload the rock and the window but I don’t know how to start the script.


Thank you!

Hello again! So I just finished my first episode of my story and I need to know something. So at the end of the episode, the player can choose to go to either the airport or the apartment. What I need help on is in the next episode, how do you get the script to remember what choice you made last episode. Is there any way to do this. Thank you!

You would need to use the if/elif/else method. Here’s a guide on that:

I remember someone saying it but how do you make the words have color, and do effects. For example “It is SO HOT outside” the words ‘SO HOT’ would be in a red color.

That’s a text effect, you can find them al listed on the right side of your desktop, under the animation list.

But in general the code for red text is:

| color:red |Text| reset |

You don’t have to add the reset command if you are planning to have that whole part red. But if you plan to have regular black lettering after the red text, then you need to add the reset command.


There are a few ways of doing it. You can use diffirent backgrounds or create an overlay to shot the cracks and the hole in the window. I prefer the latter.

Once you’ve uploaded the rock and your broken glass. I would place the broken glass on the window, size it then set the opacity to 0. That way it’s there for when the rock meets the window.

So you’d have

@overlay rock shifts xxx xxx in 2
&overlay GLASS opacity 1 in 2.

You can play with the different animations for the overlay to decide how you want the rock to look as it is flying through the air and toward the window.

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that is to difficult for me…


@ZAYONA changes into Night wear
@ZAYONA spot 0.763 29 347 in zone 2 AND ZAYONA faces left AND ZAYONA is lay_asleep_loop
@pan to zone 2
@pause for 3

music alarmclock_beep

@pause for 3

** ZAYONA (lay_asleep_loop)**
** (Just a few more minutes)**

@pause for 3

** ZAYONA (lay_awake_loop)**
** Nope.**

music off

@ZAYONA stands screen center AND ZAYONA faces left

I was watching a video so that it looks like the character is getting out of bed but when i typed @ZAYONA stands screen center AND ZAYONA faces left it didn’t work

What exactly isn’t working?

ok so you know how you character is laying down in bed and they get up?? how would i show that ?

Yes, I underatand that. What I’m asking is, what exactly is getting messed up? Does the character not stand up?

Yeah the character does not stand up.