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It should work tbh. There are no code errors. Can I see a screenshot of your actual script

It should work. The character stays laying down?

Yeah. Should i try putting some dialogue after it??

Yeah, go ahead and try that and let me know what happens

It worked!!!

Good job!


Is there anyway that anyone can show me a example on how to make the character walk into the background in a certain size or is that not possible

You can try something like

&CHAR spot z x y
@CHAR walks to spot x y z in s

Here’s a guide I have on Spot Walking:

You’ll find that specific answer in section # 1

I don’t really understand the faster animation thing. I read what you posted bout it so i tried and it didn’t change anything.
Can you please give me an example?:sweat_smile:
Sorry about my grammar…

Hi, I don’t know whether you already had this question covered since there ist just so much to read in here :sweat_smile: However, I was wondering how you are able to rename a character using the name input… I know how to reuse the label in a dialogue, but I’d like to have the name displayed as well for the speech bubbles :thinking:

Hey it may seem like I’m a bit noob but I’m doing a story and I don’t know how to put a notification I think it’s called toaster… could you help me?

I don’t either :joy: but I work with INK. If you want the character to run faster just time the walking to spot action (you can time default one as well)

@CHARACTER exits left in 0.2 AND CHARACTER is run_animation
@CHARACTER walks to spot in 0.5 AND CHARACTER is run_animation

So less than a second will be very fast :slight_smile:

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You display/script name has to be the same and in the code.

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it’s simple!
Make a character(if you have then it’s ok too) and then you have the “Display name”. So you just deleting the name and that’s it!
Again, sorry about my grammar:sweat_smile:

hahaha ok thanks!:joy:
And yeah I work with INK too:upside_down_face:

Thank you !