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Hi! Does anyone know how to add tattoos to a character?

You can add it on an outfit, it’s under Accesories I believe.
But there’s only one for Ink characters
And a couple for Classics characters
And I don’t think Limelight characters have them yet

yes thats what i thought- i am using ink- it is not under accessories

Then just type in Tattoo on the search bar. Bear in mind that there’s only one option and it’s only for Ink Males

I did that- however it did not come up. I eventually figured it out- I just went and scrolled through all the clothing, shoe and accessory options. The reason it did not come up when I searched it was that it was called “Lady Rose Tattoo” and i just searched “tattoo” therefore it did not come up. Just for anyone in the future- search “Lady Rose” first :slight_smile: what was funny is that i still can’t find it in the regular accessory section. Oh well lol I still found it

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Well, whatever works lol


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Hey just answered this loll, I’ll answer it again then go babe

You have to add the zone before the layer

@CHAR spot S X Y in zone # at layer #




You have to play around with the transition fade in and fade out

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Hey, I have a question:

When I write: “happy” on the interface, it shows up a tab that says emotion.
I’m not entirely sure what that is, and I’ve done some research on it just in case it was something new to Episode! I’m having second thoughts but I decided to ask anyway.

It’s by using short transitions,

Okay well let me give you an example:

Taken from my story LOBITA

Here’s the code I used:

@transition fade in red 0.8
@transition fade out red 0.8
@transition fade in red 0.8
@transition fade out red 0.8
@transition fade in red 0.8


Huh… I’m not sure, I haven’t seen that personally…

@Purple_Ghost ?
@Apes ?

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It’s a newest update. It will give you a random happy animation.

You can read more about it here:

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Woah lol first time I’ve seen this and it was in the old forums? I’m late haha
Thanks, girl @Apes!



I think they should move here all the announcements posts. I hope they do.
@Trinady :thinking:



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How do you transition to a specific zone of a background?

I’d like to use INT. KARAOKE BAR - NIGHT but to first show Zone 3. Not the default which is, I’m guessing, Zone 1.

Also, when you create and save a new outfit, can you change the name later?

Creating my first story, kind of, and just trying to learn all the ropes and stuff before publishing and creating new chapters and stuff.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

I appreciate it!

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