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@cut to zone 3
@ZAY stands screen left
@ZAY faces right
@ZAY is eat_cupcake

(This is so good!)

(If anyone intrups me while im eating this they need to get me a dozen of cupcakes!!)

@BLUE enters from left to screen center in zone 3
@TASHA eneters from left to screen left in zone 3

TASHA (talk_greet)
Hey Zay.
My characters aren’t entering the scene
someone help plzz!

delete in zone 3 from these commands

can anyone help me idk what to do.


I’m not sure if this is the issue, but it looks like you have an extra closing bracket on line 562.

how do i fix it


Just delete the } on line 562. If it still gives you an error, can you post a picture of the script?

also, go to needs to be goto

did you change the go to to goto? I think you need that closing bracket at line 561 }

its not working still

yes i changed it


Can you post is screenshot that shows the whole line of code and the choices?

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Delete the } on line 561. If there is still an issue, post a screen shot that shows the whole line of code (I can only see the first couple of words of each line).

sorry im super confused

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There is a missing } between lines 565 and 566.

is everything else ok?


I can’t see the next part of the choice (after line 580) to be able to tell if there is something further down.

ill send pics