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sorry im super confused

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There is a missing } between lines 565 and 566.

is everything else ok?


I can’t see the next part of the choice (after line 580) to be able to tell if there is something further down.

ill send pics


Hi again! I need help with spot directing, (i’ve read your guides lmao)
but it gives me a warning when i try it?

INT. GARAGECRED2 with GARAGECRED1 to 1.084 -385 -13 in zone 2 at layer 4
@cut to zone 2
@ADDISON changes into spy2
@ADDISON spot 1.133 -62 184
@pause for 1
@ADDISON moves to layer 2
@ADDISON walks to spot 1.236 171 96 while ADDISON is run_athletic_offset
You told me the coast was clear!

@ADDISON walks to spot 1.236 171 96 AND ADDISON does it while run_athletic_offset


Hope this is an okay question to ask, but what pose is the above girl in?


Thank you!!

the code i’m using is

music car_motor

yet it still says error
anyone help?

Let me see your script?

It looks fine to me…
It’s most likey a web previewer error. Preview the story on the app and see if it works.

My character is not entering in zone 2, it’s only entering zone 1. Can someone help me?!!

Couple of issues.

  1. When you do a transition you have to add a color, right now you hav no color.

Here’s a guide just in case you need it:

  1. There’s no need to add a zone when using the enters from ____ to ______ command. And you misspelled center. It should read as followed:

@ZAY enters from right to screen center

I’m not too sure what this means! Can anybody help me?

Your Internet connection is probably slow. Try to select the whole script and copy them (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C) then reload the page or check your Internet connection. Once you’ve reloaded, use Ctrl+V to copy your script then click Save again.
It worked for me!
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

There’s error messages. You need to correct them before being able to preview