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Aha, that’s always a problem for me tbh. I usually like doing a lot of over the top directing, especially overlay animation and sometimes it drains me. I guess the best way to answer that is by saying that I love it! Lol sounds over simplistic, but that’s real talk. I live for working on a scene for hours and then looking at the end result and taking pride in my accomplishments. And, when I am feeling overwhelmed and tired of staring at a screen, I get up and do something else for a while and not feel bad about it. You know, sometimes people want to be coding all day because they feel like they have to publish as quickly as possible. But, if your body and mind are telling you to chill, you have to listen. Then when you have your break, you come back with more energy.
So, if you love it, stick with it. Push yourself to accomplish more, but take your time.
If you feel like it’s more of a chore than an outlet for your creativity, think about maybe doing something else. I’m not trying to discourage you. Just saying that this should be important to you, but at the same time it should be fun.
In short: have fun! And when it stops being fun, relax.

The thing is i have so much good ideas but i really cant codeeee

ive tried

I get that. I wasn’t always coding like crazy. My first story is so simple lol. And really, when I started there was no YouTube videos or too many online tutorials. It was just the Episode Guides that always ended up confusing me more than anything else.
I recommend you go thru the forum and look at some revamped guides made by users like me, who love to teach others. In time you’ll be coding like crazy too.
Here’s a link to a post that lists a lot of awesome guides made by some awesome people.
And I’m always here. Feel free to stop by this thread and ask your questions.

It’s the same?

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Oh and do you know how to get rid of the character all together (they are 3 character and i want to get rid if them all together and put my character name in it, maybe its confusing haha)


&CHARACTER spot 1.28 244 110 in zone 1 at layer -2 AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is talk_sit_coy

Yeah, you just add a & instead of a @:

&remove CHAR1
&remove CHAR2
&remove CHAR3

Or you can put it all in one line using AND:

@remove CHAR1 AND remove CHAR2 AND remove CHAR3

what is the name of the overlay for the background

Here’s a guide that isn’t specifically made for the scene you’ve painted but it’s close enough and I think it will help you get a good grasp on how to make your scene possible:

Episode doesn’t provide an overlay for this specific background. There are certain users who might have this in their drive but I’m not sure who. Sorry.

I have one in my drive :slight_smile: my Linktree is in my profile :v:

@Darker-Nobility there ya goooo

Um in my story i have a background with 3 or 4 zones and i want it to pan to zone 2 to and have the character start doing something in zone 2 when the camera gets there? thanks

So this is where_starts_ command comes in handy. You add your character in zone 2 and then add the action and then the pan:


@CHAR stands _________ in zone 2 AND CHAR faces left/right AND CHAR starts behavior_name

@pan to zone 2

What this will do is begin the action but not complete it, that way when you pan the character is still in motion.

Ill try it thanks

it gives me an error


Yes, because the full commands for stands is screen right, screen left, screen center, upscreen right, upscreen left.

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Um i dont see my character