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Can I see your code please


Yeah, the code that you’ve written so far

(i have 4 zones)

That’s because she’s laying down. You’re going to have to use Spot Directing to pull her up into the scene.

I have to load it up in my phone right?

You can. But you can also use the web previewer.

And what should the command look like later?


After i spot direct… how should the command look like?


Do you mean the numbers? How should they look like?

Never mind i think i got it Thanks…ill tell you later how it turned out thanks

I’m having problems with my script so when l preview it it’s not going forward l added a remembering choice with this if(date_with_character){ and now it’s not going forward after l put that in my script if anyone knows what to do l would love for you to help me💗

Can I see your script please

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I fixed that error too

But I’m stuck on 89 line and can’t move forward to line 94 after l put in if(date_with_nick){

I need to see the whole screenshot please

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Sorry l didn’t know you meant the whole image and this is what I’ve done so far but when l tap to go to the next line it won’t go forward

After this do you have an elif or else? Preview won’t remember choices and generally skips to the else, if you haven’t typed it out yet, it won’t move forward. You can click on line 93 then preview, but I suggest using the app for remembering choices, you will need to reset your story to check each branch on the app also. Hope this helps!

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