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How do you transition to a specific zone of a background?

I’d like to use INT. KARAOKE BAR - NIGHT but to first show Zone 3. Not the default which is, I’m guessing, Zone 1.

Also, when you create and save a new outfit, can you change the name later?

Creating my first story, kind of, and just trying to learn all the ropes and stuff before publishing and creating new chapters and stuff.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

I appreciate it!

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Zone issue:

All you have to do is cut to the zone.

@cut to zone 3

Outfit issue:

No sorry, sweetheart. Can’t change the name. If you really want to change the name, you’d have to duplicate the outfit and name it what you wanted.



New writers are always important to our community.
Please feel free to ask anything you’d like.
Also a friend of mine (@Apes) is working on a basic guide for new comers. It’ll be out soon. Be on the look out for that :hugs:


Thank you! It worked.

And that’s okay, just wanted to check.


I’m so sorry I’m asking so many questions but I’m quite new and have a bit of trouble with directing. How do you make a speech bubble appear onscreen which denotes to someone of screen. Like for example ur mom is calling u but she isn’t directly in the room so I want a speech bubble with says her name to appear at the edge of the screen so it looks like she’s calling.

Hi, can you tell me how do I have the reader chosen name on the speechbubble instead of “YOU” ? Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

You use speech bubble placement.
If you go to the app preview, there’s a Directing helper option for that

You just click on the Red and and then you toggle between scale and move on the Blue and when you have the bubble where you want it, you copy down what’s on the Green


I’m assuming you’re allowing the reader to choose their name. So can I see your code please


I think this is what you are asking for:

This is your basic naming function: input What’s your name?|What’s your name?|Done(NAME)

So if you name your MC YOU, then put YOU in the function and the readers chosen name will appear on the speech bubble

input What’s your name?|What’s your name?|Done(YOU)

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Do you know how to script the narrator-type bubbles that show up at the top or bottom of the screen? I’ve seen them in several stories and want to use them on my own, but I can’t figure it out.


Thank you! What about the ones that show up at the bottom?

It’s a newest update it’s not appearing from the bottom anymore :confused:

Support this idea to let us choose :slight_smile:

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Hello!!! I need help with coding and gains.

So, the dressing choices on my story are coded like this:
label outfit3i3
OPHELIA (think)
(What should I wear on this historic day?)
“God Save the Queen.”{
@OPHELIA is dustoff_loop
@OPHELIA changes into OPHELIA V dress
@OPHELIA is shiftweight
@pause for a beat
goto outfit3i3
}“Anarchy in the U.K.”{
@OPHELIA is dustoff_loop
@OPHELIA changes into OPHELIA black pants and leather
@OPHELIA is shiftweight
@pause for a beat
goto outfit3i3
“Pretty Vacant.”{
@OPHELIA is dustoff_loop
@OPHELIA changes into OPHELIA goth
@OPHELIA is shiftweight
@pause for a beat
goto outfit3i3
“Choose this outfit.”{
OPHELIA (idle_happy)

And it’s all good until I want the character to keep the same outfit in the next episode. My question is, if I use that format and add gains on each outfit choice, would it work to remember that choice in the next episode? Or would I have to change the format of the script, making them choose ouftif and deciding if wearing it or not in the next “screen”? (And I also have the same question for lipstick and hair choices)
I don’t know if I explained myself very well, sorry haha. but I could really use your help!

No, gains is definitely the way to go.

If you add a gain to the end of every outfit choice, and in the next episode you use if/elif/else, the outfit will automatically be on.

It’s still might be messed up, because the reader can try 3 outfits and gain each one