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@Jade.epi is right. You can’t just have an if choice command. It’s unfinished and therefore the script won’t acknowledge it.

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Oh…so l have to write all over again basically idk I’m just really confused but thank you anyway

It’s fixed @Jade.epi thank you girls it’s the Portal that is having errors l just restarted my story progress

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@YOUNG CELESTIA enters from left to spot 1.135 262 -12 in 2 AND YOUNG CELESTIA does it while (run_athletic_offset)

I need help, can someone find the error for me?

Remove the parentheses around the action:

I feel so dumb…thank you<3. I was so confused on this last night.

Heyy I was wondering if you could help me with zooming? I wanted to zoom and have my overlay move but it zooms then the overlay moves instead of it doing it at the same time

This is the script

use & for zoom and @ for overlay

Kk thanks💙 and how do I make a tear dropnoverlay fade while it’s moving?

the same :slight_smile: just use & first or use both commands on the same line

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@overlay BLOOD HEART create
@overlay BLOOD HEART opacity 1 in 1
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD HEART shifts to -95 187
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD HEART scales to 1.144 1.144

@overlay BLOOD create
&overlay BLOOD opacity 1 in 1
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD shifts to -58 134
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD scales to 0.078 0.078

Help fast

@Dara.Amarie @Apes @RudeInception

Oh i guess i figured it out :9

Heyy Can you help me with shaking the screen? The screen shakes but my character doesn’t do the animation

This is the script

Did you try to use & instead of @? Also, check if your character is not doing different animation after shaking

I’ll try using & after shaking she’s still just standing there


Using & didn’t work should I put @pause fir a Best after she falls?

you can try but this will mean that zoom will start shaking later, can you possibly post more script if you can?