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I feel so dumb…thank you<3. I was so confused on this last night.


Heyy I was wondering if you could help me with zooming? I wanted to zoom and have my overlay move but it zooms then the overlay moves instead of it doing it at the same time


This is the script


use & for zoom and @ for overlay


Kk thanks💙 and how do I make a tear dropnoverlay fade while it’s moving?


the same :slight_smile: just use & first or use both commands on the same line

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@overlay BLOOD HEART create
@overlay BLOOD HEART opacity 1 in 1
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD HEART shifts to -95 187
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD HEART scales to 1.144 1.144

@overlay BLOOD create
&overlay BLOOD opacity 1 in 1
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD shifts to -58 134
@overlay 4504009188442112_BLOOD scales to 0.078 0.078

Help fast

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Oh i guess i figured it out :9


Heyy Can you help me with shaking the screen? The screen shakes but my character doesn’t do the animation


This is the script


Did you try to use & instead of @? Also, check if your character is not doing different animation after shaking


I’ll try using & after shaking she’s still just standing there




Using & didn’t work should I put @pause fir a Best after she falls?


you can try but this will mean that zoom will start shaking later, can you possibly post more script if you can?





try to put short pause between first zoom and when character is run_fall, try @pause for 0.5


So put a zoom before and after run_fall?


no, just put @pause for 0.5 between the first zoom (the one with 6s) and character making run_fall animation