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Is it inside the choice?

Do you want me to send that part of the script?

Yes, you can :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply!

I am in need of help. Are you familiar with zooming in something while a character or characters move away from the zoomed area?


Okay, well I’m trying to do the opposite. While zooming out of an area, I would like the character or characters to move into the area. How would I be able to do that?

Same concept. You’re just shifting the characters towards the screen instead of away.

I don’t understand because every time I try to do that, it’s like my character is popping up into the scene while moving. Let me show you what I have.

@cut to zone 1 AND zoom on 183 296 to 119% in 0
@pause for a beat
@DILONIA changes into Dilonia_5
&zoom on 183 319 to 102% in 3
@DILONIA walks to spot 1.511 177 -181 in 3 AND DILONIA faces right AND DILONIA does it while idle_rear

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong :frowning:

What’s her spot direction?

Thanks for your help! But, I figured out how to do it.

I know how to comment out a single line of code: place a # at the start of the line.

But how do I comment out large chunks of code, without placing a # at the start of every single line?

Edit: Really? Noooooooo! But thank you!

unfortunately you have to use # every line

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Can someone tell me why this isn’t working? I’m trying to have the char use diff emotions thru overlays, but the last one does not work.

INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT with BED at layer 2 with SAD VI to 1.550 70 -81 at layer 3 with ANGRY VI to 1.550 70 -81 at layer 3 with ANGRY V12 to 1.550 70 -81 at layer 3
&overlay ANGRY VI opacity 0 in 0 and overlay ANGRY VI2 opacity 0 in 0

&overlay SAD VI opacity 0 in 0 and overlay ANGRY VI opacity 1 in 0

&overlay ANGRY VI2 opacity 1 in 1 and overlay ANGRY VI opacity 0 in 0

Anyone know hy this is?

coding is right, maybe it’s because of the & ?

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Just tried that - no luck

are you sure is placed right?


you don’t have animation after animation?

i dont understand