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can you show your script?

INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT with BED at layer 2 with SAD VI to 1.550 70 -81 at layer 3 with ANGRY VI to 1.550 70 -81 at layer 3 with ANGRY V12 to 1.550 70 -81 at layer 3
&overlay ANGRY VI opacity 0 in 0 and overlay ANGRY VI2 opacity 0 in 0
&zoom on 160 284 to 105% in 0
&VIMUM spot 1.250 74 0 and VIMUM faces right and VIMUM moves to layer 1
@speechbubble is 169 147 to 100%
They claimed my skin was too dark, my eyes were black and soulless, and I would never have any friends.
But I didn’t understand it.
So many other people |italic|looked like me.
Why was I picked on and not them?
&overlay BED opacity 0.6 in 1
&VIMUM is talk_happy_agree
My mother told me to ignore them, as I always went home to her crying.
&overlay SAD VI opacity 0 in 0 and overlay ANGRY VI opacity 1 in 0
&VIMUM is talk_apathetic
She thought they were just mean but harmless jokes.
&VIMUM is talk_arms_crossed
&overlay BED opacity 1 in 1
But you can’t ignore people terrorising you every single time they did.
The hurt and rage builds up inside you.
&overlay ANGRY VI2 opacity 1 in 1 and overlay ANGRY VI opacity 0 in 0

That gets you to your boiling point.

no idea what’s wrong, the only idea what came up to my mind maybe you’re tapping too fast? What’s after this last dialogue?

it fades out

how fast? Did you try to tap slower?

Try it at a higher layer :thinking: and the overlay name is 100% correct?

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it’s nothing like that cos even on my phone it says en error about that overlay argh idk what to do

What does the error say on your phone?

it doesnt come up anymore but i think it said creat ht eoverlay in stage view. still doesnt show up btw

It will say that when the overlay name is wrong. How frustrating for you :persevere: have you set the opacity to 1 at the beginning of the scene to make sure it’s there?

it aint tehre

Sorry, for asking another question lmao. But how can I make it required to look at all the choices (such as the credits, faq, etc.) before the reader can click the “End Story” choice?

You can use gains or the point system for that.

Is there an easy way to check the layers of my overlays?

I use a lot of overlays in my story and it’s difficult to keep track of where each overlay is. One of my smaller overlays got hidden beneath a larger overlay and it took me ages to figure out where it was…

Another question: Can I increase the font size of the text inside my speech bubbles? If so, how?

you can put them to the layers when you placing them so you always know in which layer they are

You can use text effects but I don’t think you can increase the size.

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Thank you so much!

On another note, I want brackets to show up in the speech bubbles. For example:

        NARRATOR (YOU)
(What should I do?)

But when I do that, I get “What should I do?” without the brackets. How do I force the brackets to show up? Do I use escape characters, and if so, what are they?

Do you know how to add props into a scean and if you do help me.

You can’t. Brackets are for thought bubbles. The only thing you can do it’s put some word before it without the brackets.
Text. (Dialogue)

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So, I’m a new writer here, and I’ve got everything down, except this ONE problem and I don’t know how to fix it.

Whenever I try to just have one of my characters perform an action and then another right after, I put a pause for a beat in. But when i do that an error pops up. Here’s an example.

Next Wednesday, at 4:00 P.M. sharp.
DEAN (talk_phone_neutral_loop)
Okay, bye.

DEAN (read_phone_neutral)
@pause for a beat
DEAN (eyeroll)
And then I get an error message saying, " You can’t have one character immediately following another.