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OHHH NOW I GET IT, omg tysm queen!!!

I’m trying to have my spot characters exit left but when they’re going to exit, they walk over the top of my front screen characters. I’ve seen characters that exit back far of the screen. How can I do that??

music off
@zoom reset
@ROXYANNE changes hair into Long Curly Hair
@ALE changes hair into Beach Wave Hair
@SHAWN changes hair into Spiked Up Hair
@ROXYANNE changes into SCHOOL 2
@ALE changes into SCHOOL 2
@EMMA spot 0.4 195 470 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND EMMA faces right AND EMMA is talk_phone_happy_loop AND TOMMY spot 0.4 75 410 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND TOMMY faces right AND RUBY spot 0.4 120 410 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND RUBY faces left AND RUBY is talk_arms_crossed_loop AND TOMMY is arms_crossed AND ROXYANNE stands screen left in zone 1 AND ROXYANNE faces right AND ROXYANNE is idle_sad AND ALE stands screen center in zone 1 AND ALE faces left AND ALE is think

@ROXYANNE is deepbreath
sound schoolbell

&TOMMY exits left AND RUBY exits left AND EMMA exits left

    ALE (talk_preen)
Come on, don't change your mind!

    ROXYANNE (talk_handsonhips)
I won't.

@ALE exits left AND ROXYANNE exits left and ROXYANNE is walk_exhausted

That’s my script.

Hello:) I am very new to creating stories and have no idea what I’m doing. I have tried everything, but I keep coming back to the same problem. Whenever I try to add an animation to my character it keeps flagging errors and they won’t work. It said “they don’t exist”, but Its in the animation listings… So confused.

Someone please help. Much appreciated in advance!

Which characters are the ones in front? The reason I ask is because all of the characters in the scene are on layer 1.

Can you show me an example on your script?

Yeah sure. the animation next to my character name doesn’t work. (btw narrator is a charactor)

NARRATOR (talk_agree_happy)
Welcome to Give You Hell! I’m Amelia, author & narrator.

so I’m asuming you are using LL ? have you tried an different animation?

Yeah limelight, i have and that one didn’t work either -same error

maybe give you’re character a different name as NARRATOR is actually already something inide of a script. because I’m getting the same problem when I name a character NARRATOR more like I think this character simply can’t be used because of the name

Oh makes sense, thank you so much:) ill give it a go

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just create a new character and delete this one okay just to be sure :wink: I hope it works again xx if you still want to show the readers that the character need to be named NARRATOR just do this that way you need to write script like @LAYLA blah blah blah but the readers see NARRATOR

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I hope so too, getting a stress headache :sweat_smile: thank you for your help, really appreciate it x

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ROXYANNE and ALE are the one’s on front, the rest are supposed to be backscreen characters

Then you have to put ROXYANNE and ALE at a higher layer.

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How do you put a background with no dialog?

You add a pause:


@pause for ___

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ok so i kinda need help. so ik u have to have a character in a different zone to have them walk in as the size u want is as. when i do it the character walks over the other characters. is there a way to get the character to walk BEHIND the others that are on the screen

Yes. That has to do with layers. Make sure that your offscreen character is in a lower layer than those who are already onscreen.

onscreen characters:
@CHAR1 spot S X Y in zone ___ at layer 1
@CHAR2 spot S X Y in zone ___ at layer 1

offscreen character:
@CHAR3 spot S X Y in zone ___ at layer 0