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I got it!!! thank you :slight_smile:

Yes exactly. So after rotating the overlay, shift your overlay back in place in the previewer, then use those coordinates and add a shift command with your rotating command.

Kk tysm💙

one more thing, how do I get them to walk to different sides?

What do you mean?

So I just got home and I tried doing it with shift And it still goes down

Let’s see your code.

Are those coordinates that will place her head back where it should be? Also, make sure to add in the zone to the shift command.

Yea I’m it sure if I did it right I want her head to go up and down like she’s nodding so I would rotate it but keep it in the same place right ?

Ideally, yes. But sometimes it’s different coordinates. You have to rotates it and preview it, then manually shift the overlay back and insert those coordinates.

Pm me if you’re still having issues.

Kk thanks💙

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I’m sorry! I got it! Can I ask another question?

Hi-hi! So I’m doing a part where the MC is in the hospital, and I can’t get the background to cut to zone 3. Everything is correct, it should be working. I don’t understand! It’s just really frustrating! Episode doesn’t even say its an error. It’s just plain not working. Can anyone help? I would greatly appreciate it.


Sure, can I see your code, please

Hey Rude, can you help me with some gains?

Ofc, you hav a specific question or do you just want to know what they are?