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Like how to make a character come into the screen?

Hey! I need a bit of help with something. So in my story I gave the readers the opportunity to change their outfit in the beginning of the chapter, but in a scene in this chapter the main character goes to a wedding dress shop and tries on wedding dresses, but after they are done I want the main character to be able to change back into the outfit they chose. How do I do that?


Did you use gains in your dressing game?

idk if u can understand but i wanna make a scene were the chracter look like someone dragged them like hold there hands and dragged them

There’s no behavior I’ve seen that allows another character to bend down and touch someone on the ground. Nothing that’ll last long anyways. You can have someone look like theyre being dragged by having them walk and using laying behavior at the same time.

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thanks but do you also know how they look like for example : a boy holded a girls hand and he was running with her (idk if u understand)

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I haven’t seen that either… I wish! Lolll

thanks anywayssssss and last one if you don’t mind how can I make overlays fly across the room like a ball or idk

Yea, it’s overlay animation like the gif below:

Taken from my story Blood is Thicker

Here’s a guide by the immaculate @Dara.Amarie that can help:

A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

Yup that’s it thankss so much god bless you


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No I didn’t use gains. But how exactly do I use them?

You have to use gains to remember an outfit. Have a look here, if you have a problem let me know x



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Hey, I was wondering, how do you make covers that go in your story like the ones ive seen in other stories, like ones that say “This story includes sound” or whatever they put IN the story itself, not the cover for the book.

You can ask someone to make you one:

Or make your own, using programs like PicMonkey

Ok, once i make one, how do i put it IN THE story, like what command would i put?

You have to upload this as a background

Then in your story
@pause for 4
@transition fade out black 2

Ooh thank’s for recommending my thread!