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Well doesn’t Rosella just exit the scenery and then enter the next one?
I’ve done that before, that’s basically what it looks like
Hope this helps😀

Thanks, I’ll try that. :relaxed:

Has it worked? Did the camera budge?:thinking:

Sorry, I was busy yesterday.:sweat: I’ll try it later today and let you know know, k?:grinning:
Edit: What about you? Has you’re there ng worked? With Rosella I mean

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Yeah, it’s worked. Thank you :black_heart:

Heyy I need help with tappable overlays. This is my script @overlay TITLE opacity 1 in 2
tappable “DOOR” {
@overlay CLOSED DOOR clear
&overlay DOOR opacity 1 in 0
&overlay TITLE clear
@transition fade out white in 3
Whenever I go to tap it nothing happens

did you create your overlay? is it in the right zone?

I put the overlay with the background and my background only has one zone

can you post script for your whole scene?

it wont let me it said new users can only mention two people at a time

*two people in a post

I will PM you :slight_smile:

kk thanks

How can a character do two animations at the same time?
I personally want my character to talk_kneel_neutral_loop and hug_neutral_pose at the same time.

You can’t use 2 animations at the same time, you can try a short pause

For example:

@CHARACTER starts talk_kneel_neutral_loop AND pause for 0.5 THEN CHARACTER is hug_neutral_pose

Thank youuu

You didn’t put the brackets around the actions

Hi I really need help. Im a newbie and I’m writing a story, everything went really well but when I moved to the next scene, I kept on getting this error: “Expected character or Scene change”. IDK what i have done wrong. I followed all the instructions, I’ve been researching for hours and I just couldnt make it right. Help? :frowning: Thank you.

can you show your script?

I’ve figured it out, thank you anyway! :slight_smile:

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