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Hi, I would like some help with remembering outfit choices for a later scene. I got the coding all written, but when it comes to said later scene, it puts my character in “Covered Hoodie” instead of the one I originally clicked, which was “Red Cami”. Thank you!


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You would put: gain red_lace


if (red_lace) {
@CHAR changes into red_lace

And then repeat for each one

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Thank you!

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Two days in a row :joy:. Anyways, I don’t know how to work with overlay backgrounds with two people.


The issue is Irene isn’t on the outside of the overlay desk, and I’ve been trying to switch which layer they’re in, but it just doesn’t work. (Background: INT. GUARD DESK OL - DAY)
Help is appreciated.

EDIT: I’ve even tried putting Irene in layer 20

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I’ve found that moving them one layer up doesn’t work but moving the characters multiple layers higher than the overlay works so I would try

@CHAR moves to layer 6

idk tho I’m trying


Put the overlay at layer 6 and put Irene at layer 5
That’s the default layers I use. Irene will be in front of the desk. Make sure to have Rosie at layer 6 too.

&IRENE spot 1.280 50 0 AND IRENE faces right AND IRENE moves to layer 6
&ROSIE spot 1.014 226 127 AND ROSIE faces left AND ROSIE moves to layer 5


@ ROSIE spot 1.014 226 127 AND ROSIE faces left AND ROSIE moves to layer 0
@ IRENE spot 1.280 -50 0 AND IRENE moves to layer 2
@ IRENE walks to spot 1.280 50 0

Make sure to spot IRENE offscreen first before she enters … screen positions & layers don’t get on :grimacing:

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I’m using Ink and the animation is lay_asleep_loop, but the choice to wake her up, is inside the nightmare.
So it looks like shes awake there, but then when she is woken up, it goes to her in her bed, rubbing her eyes.

Help me with this error

You can’t have an overlay with AND in the name. The script thinks it’s a command. So, you need to upload it again and don’t add the word and.

&overlay STRONG LANGUAGES AND MATURE THEMES. - This is the one I’m talking about.


How do I let the readers pan the screen?

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tappable [pan:1:3] “OVERLAY” {

This will let the reader pan from zone 1 to zone 3 aka the lowest zone to the highest zone. You can change this to 2:3 or 1:2 if you want to limit it to only part of a three zone background. So long as the smaller zone is the first number and the larger zone is the second, you won’t have problems.

tappable [pan:1:2:hor] “OVERLAY” {

This will let the reader pan side to side. Might not really make that much of a difference if you’re zoomed out 100% on a scene, but if you are zoomed in, limiting a reader this way can make a mini game more challenging.

tappable [pan:1:1:ver] “OVERLAY” {

Same as above basically. This will limit the reader to panning only up and down. However, for this one you must be zoomed in for it to work.

Credit to @amberose for this in her Branching Master Class - Green (Turtles)

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Thank you so much!!!

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Hi! So I’m having zoom problems. I want to zoom at the same time a character starts talking, I know the codes;
&zoom bla bla
Char (animation)
Bla bla.
But it’s not working for me. The character starts talking only after the zoom is done.

Try putting the &zoom stuff after the dialogue? I’ve not done a whole lot on simultaneous stuff but it’s worth a shot

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Thank you, I’ve fixed it.

how do i pan to zone 2 from zone 3

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@pan to zone #

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Hi I was wondering if u could help me with a problem with tapable panable scene in my story ?

The problem is that am trying to make my readers find 3 objects and if they find one they will stay there till they find all three but it only allows me to find only 1 then goes on to a new scene