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What is the width and height a background can be? I am trying to make a “This story has sound” one on my story.

The width is 640 pixels, and the height is 1136 pixels. You can use any background then resize using a resizer.

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Thank you.

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No problem :blush:

Okay! I keep forgetting how to make characters walk and talk at the same time

Someone told me this is how you do it but it wont work
@CHARACTER walks to spot XYZ and CHARACTER is walk_talk_happy (or whatever the action is)
Cool cool - Example


Try changing is to does it while.

ugh it still doesnt work, the character will do the animation, (theyll walk and talk to a spot) and then the dialogue will start after they walk


Also change the @ to &.


I’m looking to figure out how to link my instagram at the end of an episode. If anyone knows the code I would really appreciate it

I think that Episode does that for you. Add your Instagram on your Story Settings

does anyone know that action that people use for their characters when theyre angry, and they sort of slice the air with their hand? ugh thats so vague

talk_pound_chest (for Ink)

thank you so much! Youre a life saver



Hi! I have a quick question. I’m not using the usual input option for naming the main character in my story. I’m having the player choose a name out of some that I have selected (each have their own impact on the story itself). If you played Classic, you probably remember having to do this. What I’m trying to figure out is how to link the player’s choice of name into conversation. Usually with inputing, you can just use [NAME] and the player’s inputed name just magically shows up. But with choosing a name it doesn’t work that way for some reason. Any ideas on what I should do? I’d rather I didn’t have to use the whole “if” thing because that’s too much work lol

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You know I was about to suggest the if/elif/else… because it’s what I know will work…
let’s ask someone else

@Purple_Ghost what do you think?
@Dara.Amarie ?

thank you!!


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Hi! I have a question.

Say, the MC wants to ask the love interest to have him call her a nickname & for the script to remember that… can that be done?

Like, can it be done in the style of input_firstname here? Because I know that the script will remember what the player puts in as their first name… is this making any sense? :thinking: