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Can I have a copy of the script in a PM, so, I can see the issue entirely?

sure, but I’m new to this, how do I pm you?:sweat_smile:

Update never mind
I need some help please of my character entering the Closet for the dressing game (in limelight) and I want her to walk over there and then gets ready.

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I let people customize my main character fully like its their choice, afterwards in my script i let them wear makeup and change their hair, but also later in the script i want them to go back to normal but unfortunately idk how they customized the main character please help im honestly really confused:(

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You can duplicate the character, and change the duplicated character details that way you don’t have to touch the cc character.

@COPY becomes MC - Make sure when you are creating creating characters, you have the MC selected as “main character”

@COPY becomes MC
@COPY changes hair into Straight Medium
@COPY changes mouthColor into Rose

Then in your script you would have to use Copy instead of the cc’d character.


Hi can I use the background and overlay I will give credit

where can I find a overlay motorcycle ?

On CC the narrator says “This is Ava the main character. What does she look like?” and then shows the options of what you can change, say you click hairstayles and then done it goes back to saying “This is Ava the main character. What does she look like?” and then shows the options. I was wondering how do you get that to stop happening.

I’m slightly positive if you put the label after “this is the main character” then it should stop the looping.

But, I could be wrong. Maybe @JemU776 can help.

Ok ill try that, Thanks :slight_smile:

That didnt work, It says you need a line of dialogue before the choices

@RudeInception so do you take cover requests ?? :grimacing::pray:t3:

Hmm, try this.

This is the main character Ava

label female_cc

What does Ava look like?

#code for cc here.

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That worked, thank you.

I doo. Dm me on insta: @rude_in

Been on hiatus. But I’m back :tipping_hand_woman:t3:.


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Sorry just saw this now thank you Imma add you now lol gosh I take so long to reply back @RudeInception

Hey! I’m doing a three person character customization template with two male avatars, and it keeps saying that the labels are duplicates.
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.05.20 PM
Do you know what to do to fix that?
I’ve tried pretty much everything, and nothing has worked.
Everything works until I get to the second guy, then he just is frozen while the first guy is the one who gets customized. It’s really weird. And at the end, all the characters are overlapping. Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 2.13.49 PM
This is what happens. :frowning:

you need to have two different labels this might help

If you’re going to have multiple character customization happening in the same episode, you need to create different labels even if they end up doing the same thing. Label names can’t be repeated in an episode.