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I prefer the sand pick

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It good 2


You need to do @zoom on CHARACTER_MOUTH


Ohh… that should work… how do i add how much jt will zoom?


You just need to put mouth, it will know what to zoom


Okay… how do i put background


You put @background BACKGROUNDNAME


I’m trying to get a character to talk while also sitting down, but whenever the dialogue runs, the words cover the character’s face. I’ve tried taking out the spot line, but when I do that, the text box goes really high above the character’s head.

@WEI WUXIAN spot 1.280 114 147 in zone 1
WEI WUXIAN (talk_sit_neutral_loop)
For my first day back at Lotus Pier, things could have gone worse.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Im writing a new story and need some help, I want to include divorce but this divorce includes a child between the parents who are divorcing each other! I dont know if this is too “dark” a subject which can get me removed from episode or whether its okay I just have to limit certain things and give a warning. Please help!

I’m writing my first story at the moment. focusing on vampires and other creatures. I dont know how to change the colours of the eyes from their original colour to flick to red. Also how do i make the characters seem like theyre moving quick, popping up quickly as if theyre super fast.

The help would be appreciated!!!

You probably don’t need help anymore, but you need to change the position of the speech bubble.

Hey can you still help me out?

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Hi there! I’m trying to figure out how to make a character run in a certain height when using spot directing. (LL). Can you help me fix this?


@LANA changes into LANA_gym outfit

@DAISY changes into DAISY_gym outfit

@CHRISTINA changes into CHRISTINA_gym outfit

@ARON changes into ARON_gym outfit

@ABBY changes into ABBY_gym outfit

@JESSICA changes into JESSICA_gym outfit 1

music music_clattergroove

@transition fade in black 2

@JESSICA stands screen center
&JESSICA is run_athletic_neutral_loop

@ABBY stands screen left AND ABBY faces right
&ABBY is run_athletic_neutral_loop

@CHRISTINA enters from left to back far right AND CHRISTINA is run_athletic_neutral_loop
&CHRISTINA is run_athletic_neutral_loop

@LANA enters from left to back right AND LANA is run_athletic_neutral_loop
&LANA is run_athletic_neutral_loop

@DAISY enters from left to back left AND DAISY faces right AND DAISY is run_athletic_neutral_loop
&DAISY is run_athletic_neutral_loop

@ARON spot 1.496 160 0 in zone 1

&ARON walks to spot 1.496 160 0 in 3 AND ARON is run_athletic_neutral_loop

I’m not sure if this is being used anymore, but I’m confused on how to display the readers chosen name when the MC says lines of dialogue or when another character mentions her name.

Her script name and display name are both MC I got told that when mentioning their name you write [MC] or [NAME] in the code and I’m not sure which one, I’ve tried both but neither seem to work, it will just say Mc or Name instead and when mc talks it just says MC in her speech bubble

If someone could help that would be much appreciated :blush:

Hi, do you still need help? Whatever you put in the parenthesis is what you use in the script and the Display Name.

What’s your name | What’s your name | Done (NAME)

Hi, [NAME]!

Change the display name to NAME so that when the character speaks, whatever name the player entered is what will appear.

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ohh, I’ll try that. So should I change her display name to NAME?

yes :blush:

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Okay, thanks so much!! :))

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What happened to her Instagram? @RudeInception