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Can you write a story entirely in Italian?

sure you can!! :))

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Do you know why?


To my best knowledge, opacity is used to change the solidity of an overlay. using the command @ overlay [OVERLAYNAME] opacity [DECIMAL#] (1 = opaque/solid, any # less than 1 makes the commanded overlay turn transparent to a certain degree. The smaller the number, the more transparent the overlay is.) This feature is commonly used in graveyard scenes to create the illusion of ghosts of characters by using a custom overlay of the background you’re using, placing it over the original background. setting the opacity to a desired number, and placing characters in layers between the background and overlay.


a graveyard background with a graveyard ‘overlay’ placed at the exact same spot on the background, which is placed at layer 1. the opacity would be set to 0.5. [CHARACTER] would go to layer 0, which is behind the graveyard ‘overlay’. the character would come out semi transparent and you would be be able to see through them and see part of the background.

Keep in mind, I’m not an expert and this might not be 100% accurate, it’s just the way i understand it. The graveyard reference is from @JosephEvans. See his Youtube tutorials for more information on this subject and more.

I need so much help. I have my whole story all in my mind but once I start coding, everything becomes blank. The most trouble I’m having in coding is pretty much character placement. It’s more of something to read with no choices. (Mostly because I don’t know how and get mad when I can’t figure it out lol). What do I do :tired_face:

hi there! DM me at @episodeuserhcc1001 for help with your story! I’m working on my own at the moment but i’m always happy to help those that need it!

I need help…my episode says error loading on episode every time i click it…when i looked up the problem it said that i was banned…i downloaded the app using apk download because my phone said the app isnt compatible with my device

I would like to ask how do i make an over lay just spin with out the whole overlay moving

It will need to rotate on anchor point .5 .5 (aka in the dead centre of the overlay).
&OVERLAYNAME rotates 360 anchor point .5 .5 in 0

Hey does anyone know a background that shows characters moving? Like with boxes in front of a house or a moving truck or something?

Here’s one:


You can also just use the BOXES overlay and upload a moving truck overlay.

okay, thank you so much!

I want my two characters to bump into each other and then fall, but instead they keep running and only fall after two seconds, how can I make the fall more smooth?
Here’s my script
@NOAH enters from left to screen center and NOAH faces right and NOAH does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop and YOU enters from right to screen center and YOU faces left AND YOU does it while run_athletic_neutral_loop
@NOAH is run_fall AND YOU is run_fall

Hey, I am trying to make a character face right but I’m getting an error. Can someone help me, I don’t know what I did wrong.

Here my script
@LOANA spot 0.692 149 148 in zone 2
@LOANA moves to layer 2
@lOANA faces right
@pan to zone 2
@speechbubble is 212 142 to 86% with tail_top_left

You spelled LOANA for first two lines and lOANA for third. Should be LOANA

Uppercase L

@LOANA faces right

Thank you! I am now trying to script a character and I am using spot directing but it doesn’t move her to that spot. Can you guys help me?

Here’s my script
@EDEN changes into Girl_flashback_1
@EDEN changes hair into Long Straight Loose Bangs Blunt Solid
@EDEN changes hairColor into Brown Black
@EDEN spot 0.695 264 131 in zone 2
@EDEN moves to layer 2
@EDEN faces left
@EDEN enters from right to screen right
@pause for a beat

Do you want her to walk to this spot or just teleport? If you want her to walk, use walks to spot

Remove this

Here’s an example. If you want her to walk to a spot onscreen using the same height and floor level place her offscreen and copy those coordinates. In my case, I left 0.695 height consistent and 131 (up-down) same so she walks into the scene with the same height and doesn’t move to the top or bottom of the screen. I only changed the middle number which is the left-right direction (higher numbers to right, lower to left). Picture a graph. So she walks in from the right side into the scene in a smooth straight line.